2 July 2020 | 4 min read

Here Is Where You Can Buy Stylish Reusable Masks


Although measures are in place for reducing lockdown in different parts of the country, we are still waking up to anew reality.  This means that although we are allowed to step outside, it is important to take the required precautions so that we can continue to flatten the curve and reduce the spreading of the virus. And one of the most important step in this process is wearing face masks at all time. But use-and-throw face masks pose two obvious problems:

1) They are a hazard to the already fragile environment

2) They can be an expensive option when taken into account long term usage

No denying the answer to both these problems can be tackled with washable and reusable face masks. Where can you find them? We tell you! That’s not all – you can pay using UPI and get them delivered to your doorstep with minimum human intervention. #StayHomeStaySafe

Buy Washable Face Masks From Online Stores

Many sellers are selling washable cloth masks online on stores like Amazon and Myntra – use your card and get a discount of INR 500. You can even find many different designs and patterns that suit your fancy. 

From cotton to fine mesh, there is a variety of washable face masks available online, and because it falls under essentials, you can also expect quick delivery. These affordable face masks are completely reusable and can be worn on an everyday basis for running errands and other emergencies.

Independent Designer Outlets 

Face masks have now become a fashion accessory so much so that designers are selling their garments with a face mask as a set. These face masks are washable and reusable and come in a variety of styles and designs. 

Even wedding designers are making couture face masks that complement the wedding outfit you would be donning. These are intricately designed, sometimes even with semi-precious stones and thus will be priced higher. 

Vocal For Local Brands 

Now that wearing face masks are mandatory, some creative local makers and labels are making some innovative pieces. Take, for instance, Kalpavriksha Textiles which is based in Coimbatore and started by 33-year-old S. Gokul Ananth. Famous for designing masks with cartoon characters for children, they have already shipped out 4,000 masks, based on characters like Dora, Chotta Bheem, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

The three-ply cotton mask has an interior protection layer in a melt-blown fabric that ensures 85 per cent efficiency of bacterial filtration.  The mask is foldable and made out of breathable fabric. It is reusable for up to 30 washes. Once you wash, dry in sunlight and steam iron, the mask becomes sterilised for reuse. 

Kalpavriksha masks can be ordered on WhatsApp 9916909487

Another local company is run by Merin Sara Philip, who started an online baby clothing store called Zara: Handmade Baby Dresses. They are now upcycling leftover fabric for masks. Her masks have two layers of fabric and come in two sizes— for ages one to five and six to 10. 

Zara: Handmade Baby Dresses’ masks starts from ₹25. To place orders, call 9744209926

Kottayam-based designer Joe Ikareth has been making mask himself as his employees cannot come to work to his studio. Starting with masks made of cotton, Kerala handloom fabric, he moved on to making them out of water-resistant nanotechnology fabric. And now he is working on designer masks for Baro Market, a Mumbai-based designer store. The masks are pleated, made of off-white Kerala handloom with a nanotechnology fabric backing and micro-fusing inside. 

The design detail is edgy, especially the placement of borders, taking the boredom out of wearing a mask and becoming a statement piece instead. None of the masks is the same as each design is unique, although the concept behind them is the same. For more information, head to their website. 

DIY – Make Your Own Washable Face Masks

Making your washable mask is not only a great way to save money but also a great way to keep yourself busy in this lockdown. Making your washable face mask also puts forward the fact that the same design of mask may not be seen on anyone else since you made it as per your requirements. 

Be it patchwork or a simple pattern or even a solid colour, and what you cannot find in the stores you can make it on your own. There are numerous tutorials available online to help you make one for yourself. Here are some tips you should keep in mind no matter which style you choose to sew. 

  1. Use a tight weave, cotton fabric. The kind of materials used for shirts or quilting work well. Some fabrics are too floppy (like rayon or tencel), and polyesters and other synthetics are too restrictive for breathing. Heavier kinds of cotton (upholstery weight, denim, twill, etc.) are also too restrictive for breathing.
  2. Prewash and dry the fabric so that it won’t shrink later.
  3. If you use elastic ties, be careful not to iron them while you are pressing seams or ironing the mask. A hot iron can make the fibres in elastic singe or melt.


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