27 May 2019 | 3 min read

Love Artisanal Cheese? These Cheese Makers Deliver It Home


If we talk about native varieties of cheese, the most popular one is cottage cheese – commonly known as paneer. While our love for that one is surely not going anywhere, more and more Indians are now willing to go beyond it and try out other artisanal cheese. Of course, there’s always the processed and packaged cheese you could go for, though that’s neither very healthy nor very good to taste.

Our solution? Go for one of these artisanal cheesemakers across the city, who’re working day and night to bring you the real thing. And with more and more consumers willing to go beyond the packaged variety, it seems that many of them are doing quite well, too. The best part? All of them deliver at home!


Artisanal Cheese- Live More Zone

Translated from the Greek word for freedom, Eleftheria is the brainchild of Mausam Jotwani, who makes sure that your artisanal cheese experience matches with the best around the world. She travelled extensively across Europe before embarking on this project, which shows in the sheer variety and richness of cheese available to order from their online shop.

Casa Del Cheese

Casa Del Cheese- Live More Zone

Started by Dhvani Desai, Casa Del Cheese is aimed at filling the artisanal cheese sized hole in the Indian market, as it’s still in its nascent stages and not as popular as homemade, native cheese variants. She makes sure that the ingredients they use are free from any preservatives or chemicals and delivers all across Mumbai if you’re already sold on that part (because we sure are).

The Spotted Cow Fromagerie

Cheese makers - Live More Zone

Driven entirely by their love for all things cheese, the Spotted Cow Fromagerie was started by two brothers – Prateeksh and Agnay Mehra – after noticing the stark difference between the growing demand for authentic and organic cheese and its supply. A lot of their cheeses are taken from the West but changed up to appeal to the Indian gastronomical sensibilities. While they have a lot of outlets across the city, they also home deliver across Mumbai.

The Cheese Collective

Goat Cheese makers- Live More Zone

Specializing in a variety of goat cheeses you’d probably not find anywhere else; The Cheese Collective was started by Mansi Jasani some six years ago. One thing this one excels at is the variety of cheese on offer, no matter what the occasion you need it for. Other than her homemade concoctions, she also hosts a variety of local Indian cheeses from around the country, providing a bigger market to their makers.

Tip – You can place your order by calling the above stores. Don’t forget to keep your digibank card handy, so that you can pay the vendors when they deliver your products home.

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