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Authentic Kashmiri Food You Must try


There are countless reasons why Kashmir  is called ‘Paradise on Earth’. Delicious Kashmiri food is one of those reasons. Just like Kashmir’s scenic beauty, the Kashmiri food is one of its kind too. Mild in taste yet rich in flavours, Kashmiri dishes will leave you craving for more once you try them. The reason being the perfect blend of spices like cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and of course, saffron. You will find a myriad variety of veg and non-veg Kashmiri food that will quickly become your favourites. Here we have our favourite picks that you can explore when you visit the nation’s crown next time.

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Eight famous Kashmiri dishes

1. Kashmiri Dum Aaloo

Served as comfort food for many, Kashmiri Dum Aaloo adds spice to events and festive celebrations. It is one of the most famous Kashmiri food. It’s boiled and fried to a perfect golden cover and cooked with red gravy prepared with rich Kashmiri spices. Some Kashmiris make it in yoghurt gravy too. It’s usually served with roti or naan bread. So, whether you are a foodie or not, don’t forget to dig in this Kashmiri dish on your next Kashmir trip.

2. Rogan Josh

Known to put Kashmir on the food map, Rogan Josh is an aromatic curried meat dish. After Kashmiri wazwan, this is the second most famous food in Jammu and Kashmiri. No special celebration is complete without this Kashmiri food. Onions, garlic, cardamom and Kashmiri red chilli powder are the prime ingredients in this dish that make all the difference. The unmatched fusion of spices makes Rogan Josh one of the signature recipes of Kashmiri cuisine. The best thing is it’s a low-fat dish, so you can eat without worrying too much about the calories. Savour it with rice or naan bread.

3. Yakhni

It’s yet another lip-smacking recipe of Kashmiri cuisine. Yakhni is nothing but mutton cooked with yoghurt-based gravy. To prepare this dish, mutton pieces are marinated in curd and spices like turmeric, cinnamon, fennel, etc. Later they are cooked in mustard oil and other ingredients that make this recipe a special one. There are different variations of this dish like Yakhni Pulao, Mutton Yakhni and Lauki ki Yakhni. Make sure you try all of them during your Kashmir trip.

4. Wazwan

The name of the dish – Wazwan is a combination of two words, ‘waz’ meaning chef or cooking and ‘wan’ meaning shop in the Kashmiri language. This multi-course Kashmiri meal is considered an essential aspect of Kashmiri culture. It comprises full thirty-six courses. This artful dish rules the kitchen of leading restaurants of the country and won hearts in different international Kashmiri food festivals.

5. Chaman

A traditional Kashmiri vegetarian delicacy – Paneer Chaman is an unmissable treat to your taste buds when in Kashmir. This exquisite dish is usually prepared for special occasions. This dish is unique as the creamy tomato gravy is flavoured with fennel and cinnamon powder. The golden fried cottage cheese cubes are boiled along with different spices such as cloves, cardamom, fennel powder and dried ginger powder, and then it’s cooked with luscious curry. When served with steaming basmati rice, Chaaman looks nothing less than a heaven on the plate.

6. Lyodur Tschaman

Once you try Lyodur Tschaman, you will have it again and again. You may not remember the dish’s name; credit goes to its difficult pronunciation, but its taste is undoubtedly unforgettable. Cooked in creamy gravy, this cottage cheese dish is loved by vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike.

7. Modur Pulav

Satiate your craving for dessert with Modur Pulav, prepared with the best Kashmiri ingredients such as Kashmiri basmati rice, cinnamon, saffron, cardamom, sugar and dry fruits. The unique fusion of flavours feels nothing like you had before. This iconic Kashmiri dish fills your stomach as well as your heart with goodness. 

8. Kulcha

Unlike the regular Kulcha, one of the famous Kashmiri food is Kulcha. Begin your day with this breakfast must-have on your next trip to Kashmir and take your culinary journey  to a whole new dimension. Crispy outside and soft inside Kulchas are best eaten with Kaahwa or Sheer Chai.

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