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Best Restaurants In Mumbai For Food Lovers


Have a hot date or a special occasion coming up? We have made a list of the best restaurants in Mumbai for your special moments. We’ve picked out some of the most famous restaurants in Mumbai. Here are the best restaurants in Mumbai for every food junkies. Explore these Mumbai restaurants now!

Tip – While we recommend you step out and discover the restaurants listed below, you can always order some meals from here once the pandemic is over. For more exciting food offers in your city, click here.

1. Breweries in Mumbai

Breweries in Mumbai  – Live More Zone

If you’re a beer lover, you know the satisfaction which comes with sipping on a cold, crisp, freshly brewed ale. Luckily for us, Mumbai’s microbrewery scene has picked up over the last few years, and the dream of fresh beer is now a reality.

Whether you prefer a light, zingy wheat, a heavier lager, an Indian pale ale or a robust red ale, these breweries have something for every palate. You can get even more experimental with flavours such as mango, banana and chocolate. Most breweries in Mumbai offer a tasting “platter”, which you must avail to get a taste of the whole menu, discover some new brews and pick your favourite.

For a list of the best breweries in Mumbai, click here .

2. Karaoke Places in Mumbai

Karaoke Places in Mumbai  – Live More Zone

Going out with your squad, hitting up a few bars and then ending up in a karaoke session – we’re not describing a scene out of your favourite rom-com but a possible night of your own life.

You may want to croon along to your favourite Britney Spears song, maybe Linkin Park or something more contemporary. You can also go full desi and sing (or shout) along to your favourite Bollywood songs. We have a list of karaoke places all set for you here.

3. Nightclubs in Mumbai

 Nightclubs in Mumbai – Live More Zone

One of the best things about Mumbai is its nightlife. Everyone needs to let their hair down every once in a while, and what better way to do that than to dance the night away? Whether you’re looking to let go to some techno beats, practice your dance moves to contemporary pop or go all out with those bhangra or Bollywood steps, the nightclubs in Mumbai have you covered. Are you planning a fun night out with your friends? Check out Live More Zone’s list of the top nightclubs in the city here.

4. Brunch Places in Mumbai

Brunch Places in Mumbai  – Live More Zone

We have never come across someone who doesn’t love brunch. It’s got a mix of the best breakfast and lunch foods, from waffles, pancakes and eggs to plates of pasta, pizzas, cold cuts, burgers, wraps – everything you can imagine is an acceptable brunch food. What’s more, you can pair your food with coffee, smoothies, juice, tea or our personal favourite- wine or cocktails. And dessert, so much dessert!

All it takes is a couple of mimosas to turn your delicious brunch into a fun brunch. We say every Sunday should be reserved for brunch. Here’s  where to head for your fill.

5. Romantic Restaurants

Romantic Restaurants  – Live More Zone

Whether it’s a first date with your Bumble match, the hundredth date with bae or an anniversary dinner, you have to choose the best venue!

Candlelight, flowers, an extensive wine menu, delicious small plates and scintillating conversation – every little bit matters in making date night a success. If you’re looking for a special place to celebrate your love, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best restaurants in Mumbai which will impress both you and your partner. Here  it is.

6. Restaurants with Outdoor View

Restaurants with Outdoor View  – Live More Zone

Sometimes your eating out experience can be ruined with something as basic as a view of a jarring parking lot, a back alley – anything. If you’ve got a momentous occasion coming up or just need an uncompromised dining experience, it’s best to make a booking at a restaurant with an outdoor view.

Fortunately, Mumbai has plenty of gems like the sea, which are a delight to look on to as you sip on your cocktail and take small bites of your canapes.

Choose from these famous restaurants in Mumbai  to figure out what the best place for you is.

Now that you have a list of the best restaurants in Mumbai at hand, it’s time to start planning the most epic meals of your life. Get booking!



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