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Food Festivals In India That Should Not Be Missed


India has a diverse culture that can be experienced either by travelling or sampling every region’s culinary delights. Food gives us a glimpse into a region’s history and soul and helps us understand how local produce is used differently by different states. One of the best ways to get a crash course in our rich culinary history is by attending Indian food festivals. If you consider yourself a true-blooded foodie, then it is time to broaden your palate by making your way for many fantastic food festivals in India. We have curated the ultimate list of food festivals in India to satisfy your bingeing needs.

1. The Grub Fest

The Grub Fest – Live More Zone

The Grub Fest is one of the biggest and most popular food festivals in India. Apart from showcasing the food from some of the most famous restaurants in the country, The Grub Fest also offers culinary workshops, music performances and has an organic food market. The Grub Fest also screens food-based films. So, you can devour your favourite food while watching your favourite food film. It doesn’t get better than that! The Grub Fest is a foodie’s paradise, and it is one of the Indian food festivals that just cannot be missed!

Where: Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, New Delhi

When: March/April

2. Great Indian Food Festival

Great Indian Food Festival – Live More Zone

The Great Indian Food Festival is an annual celebration of delectable dishes from all over the country. With over 75 food stalls from over 12 states, this food festival in Delhi is a must-visit for any food lover. Acclaimed food vendors showcase their best dishes ranging from pani puri to parathas and kebabs, guaranteed to leave you in a blissful food coma. In case you want to put your eating skills to the test, you can participate in the pani puri and vada pav eating contest. They also have live music performances and Sufi night. It is a celebration of our diversity and is one of the best food festivals in India.

Where: New Delhi

When: January

3. Mei-Ramew

Mei-Ramew – Live More Zone

The Mei-Ramew food festival is held every year. This food festival in India majorly focuses on educating its attendees about India’s North-Eastern states’ various indigenous foods. It Is organized by the North-East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society. Some of the popular dishes include bamboo shoots, pumaloi, fine fern omelette, and jadoh rice. One of the main attractions of this food festival is the Farmer’s Market. Visitors can buy fresh, organic, local produce and pick up some wild edibles while shopping. This unique food festival emphasizes the importance to revive the old and traditional ways of cooking with fresh, local and indigenous produce.

Where: Meghalaya

When: December

4. Goa Food and Cultural Festival

Goa Food Festival  – Live More Zone

The Goa  Food and Cultural Festival is an initiative by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation to showcase the traditional cuisine and the rich cultural heritage of the state and its vibrant folklore. With over 70 stalls serving traditional delicacies, there is enough food to satiate our tastebuds and make our stomachs very happy. Apart from all the delicious goodies, there are many live musical acts, and some of the country’s biggest bands have performed here. This Indian food festival is energetic and an exhilarating sensory delight!

Where: Goa

When: April 

5. Sattvik Food Festival

Sattvik Food Festival – Live More Zone

Ahmedabad NGO SRISTI organizes one of the healthiest Indian food festivals. The Sattvik food festival is a three-day festival in Ahmedabad. It aims to bring forgotten traditional recipes to the forefront and raise the demand for lesser-known local produce amongst its attendees. With the Sattvik Food Festival, SRISTI has also created a market for organic farmers and lends its support by selling their produce. This food festival is a vegetarian’s paradise. Some of the must-try dishes at one of 75 stalls they have are makai na paania, soya cutlets, dates biscuits, pineapple jalebi, beetroot halwa, oats tikki chaat, spinach roll, and aloe vera pickle.

Where: Ahmedabad

When: December

6. Navi Mumbai Food Truck Festival

Food Truck  – Live More Zone

Food trucks have their charm, and you can experience that at the Navi Mumbai Food Truck Festival. With over 20 food trucks and over 100 dishes, this food festival in Mumbai is a must-visit. This food festival is organised by Bhukkad Flea in collaboration with Amigo Entertainment. It showcases popular street food along with other local cuisines and snacks. It is ideal for visiting this culinary fair with friends and family. Don’t miss out on this one as you are guaranteed to have the best time!

Where: Navi Mumbai

When: March

Food festivals in India are still evolving and are an inspiring space for any culinary enthusiast to be. So, without any further ado, add these exciting Indian food festivals into your events calendar and treat yourself to the most delectable and delicious food from all parts of India. If you plan to go to another city to check out their food festival, head to Digibank Travel Now and avail the most exciting travel offers and discounts.



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