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Quick And Healthy Food Recipes You Must Know


We all lead a hectic life due to long working hours. Most of our time goes sitting in front of computers and scrolling social media feeds, giving rise to problems like backache, fatigue and constipation. Even if you try hard to take some time to exercise, it’s not enough. You need to fuel your body with healthy food. When you choose healthy food options over fast food, you reduce the risk of several chronic diseases. However, switching to a healthy diet can sometimes seem very overwhelming. That’s why we have prepared a list of healthy food recipes that are super quick and easy to make. Here you will find everything from healthy breakfast options to healthy drink recipes.  

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1. Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Healthy breakfast recipes  – Live More Zone

Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day for a reason. It prepares your body for the day ahead. So, it’s essential to have a wholesome breakfast every day. Here we have some healthy breakfast options for you that are delicious enough to please your taste buds.

Semolina pancakes with added veggies

Semolina pancakes with added veggies  – Live More Zone

Ingredients: Semolina or sooji/Rava, mixed veggies like onion, tomato, capsicum, carrots, etc., and Indian spices


  • Take sooji (Semolina), cumin seeds, green chilli paste, ginger garlic paste in a bowl. Add water and salt as per requirement and mix everything well.
  • Add chopped veggies – onion, tomato, capsicum, carrot and coriander to the batter. Start mixing it and then keep it aside for 5-10 mins.
  • Heat a pan, apply some oil on it and pour the ladleful of batter on the hot pan and spread it as much as possible. Cook it on medium flame and both sides. 

Quinoa Pudding

Quinoa Pudding  – Live More Zone

Ingredients: Quinoa, coconut milk or regular milk, unrefined sugar, seasonal fruit, and some nuts, cardamom powder, and water


  • Take quinoa as per your need. Wash it twice and drain the water completely.
  • Add sufficient water and cook quinoa for 10 mins on low flame.
  • Now add coconut milk or regular milk and sugar. Cook it for another 10 mins or till it gets creamy on low flame.
  • Add a pinch of cardamom powder and mix well.
  • Let it cool, and then add chopped strawberries and dry fruits.

Avocado corn sandwich

Avocado corn sandwich  – Live More Zone

Ingredients: Avocado, boiled corn, chopped tomato and onion, coriander leaves, green chillies, brown bread, olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs, and lemon


  • Take a bowl and add finely chopped avocado, onion, tomatoes, coriander leaves, chillies, and boiled corn. Pour some olive oil and add salt, pepper and herbs and mix everything well. Squeeze in lemon juice too.
  • Take two bread slices, spread the prepared mixture on bread and grill in a preheated sandwich toaster.
  • When golden, remove from the toaster and serve.

It’s one of our favourite healthy food recipes. Find more nutritious and tasty breakfast options here.

2. Healthy Snacks Recipes

 Healthy Snacks Recipes – Live More Zone

Here are some healthy snack recipes to fill your stomach between your lunch and dinner.

Spinach Cottage Cheese Roll

Spinach Cottage Cheese Roll  – Live More Zone


For the dough: Wheat flour, spinach, water, salt, and oil

For stuffing: Cottage cheese (low fat), tomatoes, cumin seeds, oil, red chilli powder, coriander powder, salt, coriander leaves, ginger-garlic paste, and onion


  • Wash spinach properly. Boil it, and then make a smooth paste once it cools down.
  • Take wheat flour in a bowl. Add the spinach paste and salt to it and prepare the dough. Keep it aside while you start making the stuffing for the roll.
  • Take a pan, add oil and cumin seeds and let them crackle. Add ginger-garlic paste and cook on low flame. Pour tomato puree or chopped tomatoes, coriander powder, salt and red chilli powder into the pan. Cook on a medium flame for 2-3 mins.
  • Add cottage cheese or fresh paneer to the mixture and cook for another 3 mins. Add some coriander leaves for the texture. Mix it well, and the filling ready to roll.
  • Start making palak chapaties with the prepared dough.
  • Place the prepared paneer filling, some sliced onions or carrots. Begin to roll from one end and bind together with the help of a toothpick.

Tip: You can make palak chapati for lunch. Use extra chapatis in the evening for making this roll recipe. It will save you a lot of time.

Veggie-loaded sandwich

Veggie-loaded sandwich  – Live More Zone

Ingredients: Chopped capsicum, onion, carrot, chillies, coriander leaves, boiled sweet corn, cheese, crushed pepper, salt, brown bread or whole wheat bread and herbs


  • Place all the chopped vegetables from the ingredient list in a bowl. Sprinkle some herbs, crushed pepper and a pinch of salt. You can also add a little bit of cheese to the mix if you like.
  • Mix everything well.
  • Take a brown bread slice and place the prepared mixture on it. Cover with another bread slice.
  • Pop them in a preheated sandwich maker. Toast until it turns golden.
  • Cut them into halves and serve hot with green tea or masala chai.  

Herbed makhanas

 Herbed makhanas – Live More Zone

When we are talking about healthy snack recipes, how can we miss the herbed makhana recipe? It’s super easy to make and loved by kids and adults alike.

Ingredients: Makhana, salt, olive oil, and herbs


  • Heat olive oil in a non-stick pan. Add makhanas and salt. Sauté on a medium flame for 8-10 mins.
  • Let the mixture cool. Add herbs of your choice and mix well. 
  • You can serve it immediately or store it in an air-tight box for later.

You can also make everyone’s favourite corn and onion pakoda recipe for evening snacks from time to time. All you need to do is choose the air fry method instead of deep-frying. It’s a convenient and healthy way of cooking. 

3. Salad Recipes

Salad recipes  – Live More Zone

Salads are a great option when it comes to healthy food recipes. Here we have some delicious and easy to make salad recipes that you would love to try.  

Sprouts Salad Recipe

Sprouts Salad Recipe – Live More Zone

Ingredients: Moong beans, chopped onion, tomato and green chilli, salt, lemon juice, boiled sweet potatoes/potatoes, coriander leaves and roasted peanuts


  • Take home-sprouted moong beans in a bowl and wash them properly.
  • Boil or steam them till the moong sprouts are entirely cooked. Keep it half cooked if you enjoy a crunchy taste.
  • Drain the water completely.
  • Transfer cooked sprouts in a big bow so that it’s easier to mix all the ingredients
  • Add chopped onion and tomato, boiled potato or sweet potato, chopped chillies, and roasted peanuts. Then add chilli powder, salt, and chaat masala.
  • Last but not least, add lemon juice and stir well.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves.
  • Serve for breakfast or an evening snack as per your choice.

Corn salad

Corn salad  – Live More Zone

Ingredients: Sweet corn, finely chopped cucumber and onion, lemon juice, coriander leaves, spices and herbs


  • First, steam or boil fresh corn.
  • Add corn to a mixing bowl.
  • Add chopped cucumber and onion. You add more veggies of your choice to this salad, such as carrot, beetroot, etc.
  • Sprinkle red chilli powder, pepper powder, salt, and roasted cumin powder.
  • Now add some lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Mix everything well.
  • Serve the salad immediately.

Check out some more healthy salad recipes  that are tasty enough to keep you happy and healthy.

4. Healthy Drink Recipes

Healthy Drink Recipes – Live More Zone

Wheatgrass shot

Wheatgrass shot  – Live More Zone

Ingredient: Fresh wheatgrass and water


  • Wash wheatgrass thoroughly. Use only fresh and green grass and avoid the yellow grass.
  • Drain thoroughly and add them into a blender and add some water.
  • Add it to a cotton cloth and extract the juice.
  • Voila! Your wheatgrass shot is ready.
  • Consume it immediately as within few minutes, and the juice begins to get oxidised.

It’s loaded with nutrients and one of the easiest healthy drink recipes to try.

Watermelon sabja seed drink

Watermelon sabja seed drink  – Live More Zone

Ingredients: Watermelon pieces, lemon juice, salt and sabja seeds


  • Wash the sabja or sweet basil seeds multiple times and drain the water.
  • Now soak them in some water.
  • Add watermelon pieces to a blender and make the essential watermelon juice.
  • Pour the juice into a glass and add few drops of lemon juice.
  • Next, add soaked sabja seed to the glass and mix everything well.
  • Store it in your fridge for 10-15 mins and serve. 

Here we have some more homemade healthy drink recipes for you!

5. Smoothie Recipes

Smoothie Recipes  – Live More Zone

If you are not in the mood for making any healthy food recipes, you can always go for an easy breezy healthy smoothie instead.

Coconut mango smoothie

Coconut mango smoothie  – Live More Zone

Ingredients: Coconut meat (malai), coconut water, ripe mango pieces, honey and ice cubes


  • Wash mangoes appropriately and cut them into pieces.
  • Take coconut meat and it to a blender or juicer along with mango pieces and coconut water.
  • Don’t forget to add a dash of honey and some ice cubes.
  • Blend everything correctly, and you will get a thick and chilled smoothie.
  • Serve chilled.

Avocado smoothie  

Avocado smoothie   – Live More Zone

Ingredients: Chopped avocado, cucumber, spinach, and coconut water


  • Put the avocado pieces, fresh spinach and cucumber in the blender.
  • Add coconut water and blend everything properly.
  • Your nutrient-loaded smoothie is ready! It’s perfect for giving you a boost post-workout.

Don’t forget to check out some more smoothie recipes .

We hope these healthy food recipes keep you calm all day long and make it easier for you to lead a healthy lifestyle.



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