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List Of Vegan Food For Beginners


What we eat plays a much more significant role in shaping our lives than you would commonly think. Cooking and consuming meals is a daily activity for most of us, yet few people think beyond simply satisfying their hunger. The reality is that the choices we make when it comes to nutrition can affect us and the entire planet. Veganism  is a lifestyle philosophy that acknowledges the consequences of our consumption by completely refraining from any products obtained from animals or their exploitation.

Vegan food is probably the best-known facet of this philosophy, and its followers are increasing as more people choose to adopt a diet that’s sustainable and healthy  at the same time. If you consider dipping your toes into this new approach to food, we have prepared a vegan food list for beginners that will help you plan out your grocery list for your next trip to the store. Order your groceries from bigbasket using Digibank debit card  and avail some amazing discounts.

Vegan food list for beginners:

1. Fruits

 Fruits – Live More Zone

The easiest way to get accustomed to the best vegan food is to start simple. Fruits are 100 per cent vegan and ready-to-eat with minimal preparation or hassle in all their beautiful shapes and colours. Adding fruits to your vegan food list is essential, as they contain the goodness of multiple vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.

Not only that, but fruits are also handy as a replacement for dairy-based desserts, providing a tasty hit of natural sugar. Fruits can also feature delicious recipes for vegan Indian food, such as replacing meat with jackfruit in a curry. The bottom line is that fruits are an essential component of vegan food.

2. Legumes and Pulses

Legumes  – Live More Zone

It’s a common misconception that avoiding meat will lead to a protein deficiency while following a vegan food diet. There is plenty of room for protein-rich vegan food while staying within the parameters of avoiding animal-derived food. Especially for us Indians, there is a high-protein option of vegan Indian food that we have all grown up eating: the humble dal.

There are many different ways that dal is prepared across the country, but all of them are united because they are high in protein and a great source of iron in your diet. Not only that but sprouting legumes at home provides an easy snack option high on nutrients and free of animal cruelty! If you’re worried about finding protein-rich vegan food, then legumes and pulses have you covered.

3. Tofu

Tofu  – Live More Zone

Another essential vegan food list has to be tofu – possibly the most widely used meat substitute by vegans and vegetarians across the world. Tofu, which can be cooked in a range of grilling, sautéing, and scrambling, is a popular stand-in for both meat and eggs for beginners in vegan food. While not commonly used in vegan Indian food yet, tofu is still a healthier and more nutritious option than synthetic meat replacements popular in western countries. Tofu is also rich in calcium, a great vegan food replacement for the milk that most people use to include that mineral in their diet.

4. Dairy Substitutes

Dairy  – Live More Zone

While non-dairy milk might sound like a bizarre concept for those unfamiliar with it, for vegans, the range of dairy alternatives is an opportunity to explore a range of products like soy milk, oat milk, almond milk, and so many others. Vegan food can still provide you with the protein and minerals you would receive from dairy products and experiment with many more options than regular milk. There is no need to fret when it comes to desserts, as the best vegan food accounts for this by replacing dairy in sweets like ice cream with healthier, more ethical stand-ins like frozen bananas.

5. Nuts

Nuts  – Live More Zone

One of the healthiest ways to access protein-rich vegan food is to stock your kitchen with a range of nuts and nut-based products, like nut butter. Nuts pack a punch of protein and are highly versatile ingredients to have in your pantry, serve as a standalone snack or even be incorporated into some creative recipes. Nuts contain antioxidants plus a whole host of minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. Nut butter is also one of the best vegan food options to use as a spread. The best part is that eternal classics like peanut butter and toast are compatible with a vegan diet!

The beauty of vegan food is that the bar for entry is shallow. With a few simple tweaks to your grocery list, you can easily make the switch to a healthier, environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Just like vegan food is a responsible decision, so is protecting your finances by investing in attractive savings plans like the ones offered by digibank.

Vegan Indian food is gaining popularity as more people make the switch, and it is an exciting time to be a vegan, thanks to the number of options available now that the diet is more mainstream. If you are interested in adopting this progressive philosophy, this vegan food list for beginners can be the start of a brand-new food chapter in your kitchen!



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