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4 Best Art Galleries In Mumbai To Visit


While a stroll along Marine Drive and innumerable trips to the beaches , both Chowpatty and Juhu are quintessential things to do in Mumbai. It is the simple activity of Mumbai art galleries and museum tour that will stir your creative side.

Moreover, with the buzzing art galleries in Mumbai putting up exhibitions and shows regularly, you will never be spoilt for choice and art to view. Start adding these famous art galleries in Mumbai to your list of places to visit in Mumbai.

1. National Museum of Indian Cinema

The Indian film industry is one of the most prominent and revered movie industries in the entire world. It produces almost 1500 movies per year in Hindi, and all the vernacular languages, plenty of them class apart in their story, characterization, cinematography, and direction. Thus, only befitting that Mumbai – Home of Bollywood , would have a modern art gallery and museum dedicated to it.

National Museum of Cinema opened in the year 2019, consisting of two buildings on Pedder Road. While the museum pays homage to the journey of Bollywood from the time of silent movies to today’s cinematic experience, including new wave cinemas, it is the entire aura of the museum that will captivate you. Soak in the atmospheric brilliance of the hand-painted posters of classic movies and black and white reels, taking you back into time.

Once you have had your fill of artistic pleasure at the main building, head to the New Museum Building to visit the floor dedicated to film technology. If you are a film geek, you will love the entire museum, even the new building.

Location – Gulshan Mahal, 24, Pedder Rd, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai

Entry Fees – INR 50-200

Timings – 11 AM – 5 PM (Tuesday to Sunday), Closed on Monday and Holidays

2. Project 88 Art Gallery

If you are a connoisseur of contemporary art that is both bold and unique in its creation, Project 88, with its impressive line-up of artists, will quickly become one of your favourite art galleries in Mumbai.

Located in a rustic printing press remodeled and renovated to create this beautiful art space back in 2006, Project 88 is the perfect example of how famous art galleries should look. Whether you are visiting the neighborhood or going for a particular event and exhibition, make sure you check out artists’ detailed schedule and displays beforehand.

Some of the most sought-after exhibitions graced this art gallery is ‘Blurred Lines’ by Australian artist Maggie Baxter. She is renowned for her different take on the universal themes of life.

For this one, she collaborated effortlessly with block printers and other Indian textile workers to create an artwork that portrayed arbitrariness and dissonance. Another example of the contemporary and exceptional artists who have exhibited here is Mahesh Baliga. He is famous for bringing out the absurdity of the human condition via his paintings.

Location – Ground Floor, B.M.P. Building, Narayan A Sawant Rd, Azad Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai

Entry Fees – INR 10 – Indians, INR 150 – Foreigners

Timings – 11 AM – 7 PM, Tuesday to Saturday; Closed on Sunday and Monday

3. Chatterjee and Lal Art Gallery

A home-run affair, Chatterjee and Lal are located in the posh neighbourhood of Colaba in a tiny albeit beautiful one-room gallery. The brainchild of Mortimer Chatterjee and Tara Lal (husband and wife), the art gallery in Mumbai was opened in 2003 but received all the critical acclaim and fame after showcasing the performance artist Nikhil Chopra in the year 2007.

Chopra performed an unusual feat of confining himself in one of the gallery rooms for a total of three days and nights to complete a drawing of the view from the rooftop of the mansion. He did this in compliance with a character, thus drawing praise not just for his drawing but also the stellar manner in which he created it.

There was no looking back for the gallery after that as they have discovered and launched innumerable unique talents from all across the country.

Location – Floor 1, Kamal Mansion, 01/18, Arthur Bunder Rd, Colaba, Mumbai

Entry Fees – Free

Timing – 11 AM – 6 PM, Wednesday to Saturday, 24 hours open on Tuesday, Closed on Sunday, and Monday

4. Chemould Prescott Road

One of the oldest Mumbai art galleries, Chemould Prescott Road, was rebranded and moved to its current location in the year 2007. Located in the archaic Fort area, the gallery blends in perfectly with the colonial architecture creating a space that is a blend of both contemporary and classic.

Suppose you are interested in contemporary Indian art or a novice who wants to understand and splurge on affordable masterpieces. In that case, Chemould Prescott Road should be on your itinerary of places to visit in Mumbai.

While SH Raza, MH Hussain and Nalini Malani are some of the big names in the contemporary Indian art space that you will find here, the latest exhibition called ‘Modus Operandi’ that finds and puts 25 contemporary Indian artists on the map. Don’t miss this one if you want to find the most incredible and most surreal art pieces. 

Location – Queens Mansion, 3rd floor, G. Talwatkar Marg, Fort, Mumbai

Entry Fees – Free

Timing – 11 AM – 7 PM, Monday to Saturday; Closed on Sunday

While these are some of the places where you will find a slew of top-notch art exhibitions in Delhi,there is always the Jehangir Art Gallery and the Kala Ghoda Art Festival that keeps the art aficionados busy. It is also known as the city of dreams, and it is almost serendipitous how so many artists have found their footing in these art galleries’ spaces. Support them by just showing up or sharing about their work.

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