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Best Beaches In Kerala


A beachside vacation  is often the cure for many of the hassles that come with living in a big city. Luckily for us, India has no shortage of amazing seaside destinations where you can soak up the sun . Topping the list of must-visit beach destinations in India is the South India state of Kerala . In “God’s Own Country”, picking the best beaches in Kerala is difficult as everyone has its own unique charm. Regardless, here are some of the Kerala beach destinations that stand out and demand to be included in your itinerary. Here are the Kerala beaches you must visit the next time you plan a holiday by the sea.

1. Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach is a gorgeous stretch of sand backed by cliffs. This dramatic setting makes Varkala Beach one of Kerala’s best beaches. The beach is quite active, with shacks and shops offering a lively ambiance against the natural beauty. You can spend a day at the shacks, or lying on the sand, or even make the short trek to the top of the red stone cliffs to take in the panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. Varkala is connected to Kochi and Trivandrum’s big cities by rail and road, so getting it is not difficult for tourists.

2. Payyambalam Beach

Kannur Beach in Kerala is the collective term to refer to a group of five beaches in the Kannur district. These five beaches are some of Kerala’s best beaches, and Payyambalam Beach is one of the highlights. This peaceful, serene beach is famous for its cleanliness and tranquility. Its proximity to Kannur town makes it easy to reach, and it has also famously featured as the backdrop for scenes in South Indian movies. Adventurous beach-goers can also seek out surfing activities at Payyambalam Beach.

3. Kizhunna-Ezhara Beach

Another Kerala beach worth visiting while exploring the Kannur district is the twin beaches of Kizhunna-Ezhara Beach. Comprising two beaches side-by-side and fringed with rocks, Kizhunna-Ezhara Beach is a remote and secluded spot for travelers to spend a day by the seaside. The shallow and calm waters of the bay make it perfect for swimming. This might be the best beach in Kerala for simply spending a day lounging by the waves. Kizhunna-Ezhara Beach is located 12 kilometers away from Kannur town, which is connected by road and rail to Kerala’s major cities.

4. Chithari Island Beach

A true hidden gem of Kerala, Chithari Island Beach is ideal for tourists looking to escape from the rush of the more popular beaches in Kerala. What makes Chithari Island Beach such a perfect getaway spot is the fact that, as its name suggests, it is located off the mainland on an island. The beach is accessible only by boat or canoe, which means fewer tourists end up making their way to its shores. Located in the Kasaragod district, Chithari Island Beach is five kilometers away from the town of Kanhangad. Its almost untouched beauty is what makes Chithari Island Beach one of the best beaches in Kerala.

5. Kappad Beach

If you are looking to also experience a slice of history along with your beach-side relaxation, then Kappad Beach is the Kerala beach for you to visit. This sandy beach marks the spot where the famed Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama reached Indian shores in the 15th century. A monument on the beach marks his historic arrival, bearing an inscription that reads “Vasco da Gama landed here, Kappakadavu, in the year 1498”. There are also several Ayurvedic treatment centers located around Kappad Beach. This Kerala beach is located only a short driving distance of 18 kilometers away from the city of Calicut.

6. Kappil Beach

If you are looking for the best beaches in Kerala that are still relatively unspoiled by commercial activity, then heading to Kappil Beach is an absolute must. Located in the Kasargod district, Kappil Beach is a lovely, nearly unexplored Kerala beach destination that retains its natural beauty. A highlight of Kappil Beach’s landscape is the imposing Kodi Cliff, which rewards those who ascend it with stunning views of the Arabian Sea and the golden sand beach beneath. Any list of Kerala Beach destinations would be incomplete without the inclusion of Kappil Beach.

The amazing beach destinations in Kerala make its coastline charming and full of wonder. Making a trip to Kerala and taking in its beaches’ natural beauty is one of the most unforgettable holidays you could take in India. Digibank Travel Now offers attractive packages for travelers considering adding these Kerala beach destinations to their list. The name “God’s Own Country” will be justified the moment you step onto the beautiful Kerala beaches and feel the waves lapping at your feet.



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