31 March 2021 | 3 min read

Love Sun And Surf? Head To The Best Beaches in Mumbai For A Fun Weekend


Mumbai  is one of the world’s major commercial capitals and is best known for its extremely fast-paced lifestyle, where no one has the time to breathe in between the long traffic jams and packed train journeys. While dealing with the daily bustle, however, it’s also easy to forget that Mumbai is also part of an archipelago of islands, boasting of some of the most scenic coastlines and beaches in the state.

Mumbai boasts of dozens of beautiful beaches, right from the stretch that’s home to the Marine Drive promenade to the suburbs on the city’s outskirts . These beaches are not only a major tourist attraction but can also be an ideal place for locals to unwind after a long week at work. In case you’re looking to join the growing group of beach bums, or spend a day out in the mild winter sun, here’s a list of some of the best beaches  in Mumbai that are sure to get you relaxed in no time.

1.Juhu Beach

A tourist favourite, Juhu beach, can get quite crowded on the weekends. But that’s purely because there’s so much to do on a trip there. You could choose to enjoy the view at one of the several cafés dotting the beach or enjoy a beverage and some iconic chaat while watching the sunset. It’s also an excellent place for a morning walk, as the breeze from the sea and the mild morning sun sets the perfect mood. No matter what you’re looking for, Juhu beach in Mumbai has something to offer. 

2. Aksa Beach

Aksa beach, which is usually thought of as one of the city’s cleanest beaches, is located in Malad. Several hotels and villas dot the beach, which provides an ideal vantage point to watch the sunset. But since the currents can be quite strong in the water, especially during the monsoon months, swimming  isn’t generally advised on this beach. The nearby Marve beach has a ferry service that can take tourists to the scenic Manori beach or the extremely popular Essel World theme park. But Aksa beach itself provides a lovely escape from the rush of city life.

3. Versova Beach

One of the best beaches in Mumbai, Versova, is the ideal place for a morning jog, seeing as it’s also one of the city’s cleanest beaches. The beach is also home to the daily fish auction, where most of the city purchases fresh catch. It is also the best beach in Mumbai for water sports enthusiasts, with centres that offer stand up paddling and windsurfing, among other fun activities.

4. Madh Island Beach

Famed among locals, Madh Island is one of the most popular beaches in Mumbai and is ideal for a weekend getaway. Both groups of friends and families can expect to have a great evening on the beach, surrounded by mangroves. The beach, which is accessible either by ferry or road, is less crowded than others in the city. It’s also home to an iconic watchtower built by the Portuguese in the 17th century and is now a great place to take a selfie to remember your trip by.

5. Chowpatty beach

One of the most iconic beaches in Mumbai, Chowpatty is one place any chaat lover can’t afford to miss. With a gorgeous view of the Queen’s Necklace, or Marine Drive, and its proximity to some of the finest restaurants in the city, it’s guaranteed to be a fun Sunday no matter when you visit. The beach is easily accessible by train or by road and is hence one that is frequented by a majority of the city’s locals.

6. Manori Beach

Of all the beaches near Mumbai, Manori has gained a reputation for being the best place to spend a weekend when you’re looking for some downtime. Accessible by both a short ferry ride or road, Manori beach is famous among people of all ages. It’s surrounded by dozens of budget hotels, where you can enjoy the view from a hammock or a treehouse. The cashew trees and the mangroves provide a perfect backdrop to enjoy the sunset. Sip out of a coconut while enjoying the view, and you’ll soon see all your worries disappear. 

7. Alibaug Beach

Another one that makes it to every list of the best beaches near Mumbai, Alibaug is a quiet getaway that most locals enjoy. It’s home to several smaller beaches, each providing its unique view, as well as dozens of highly-rated restaurants and cafés that serve some of the best seafood in the city. The beach is ideal for groups of friends, families with children, or couples looking to take a long walk. What more could you ask for after a gruelling week at work? Tip: Don’t forget to check out Travel Now



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