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Best Beaches In The World For A Relaxing Holiday


It’s been a long year, with the lockdown keeping most of us indoors, dreaming of long days spent on a beach by the sea. As 2020 made way for 2021, it’s only natural that most of us are itching to go on vacation to escape the daily grind. What better time, then, to plan a trip to the best beaches in the world.

The best part about going on holiday to a beach is that no two are the same. Some boast of long coastlines with pristine white sand and clear blue water. Others offer an exhilarating mix of nightlife and watersports to keep people of all ages occupied. Some provide an ideal setting to sit back and relax with an excellent book, far from the city’s bustle.

For this exact reason, it can often be hard to decide where to go on your next vacation. But don’t panic! Here’s a list of some of the best beaches in the world to help you decide.

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1. Bora Bora Beaches

Bora Bora Beach – Live More Zone

Soon emerging as one of the most popular destinations for those who appreciate days by the sea, you can be sure Bora Bora has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Among the several dozens of options is Matira Beach, a beach with a stunning lagoon that’s easily accessible to any tourist who visits. Considering this, the beach can sometimes get a bit too crowded, so it makes sense to plan a little early to book the ideal spot. But the view of the tropical trees swaying, and the perfect weather makes it well worth a plan.  

2. Miami Beaches

Miami Beach – Live More Zone

One of the most popular tourist destinations globally and one of the most iconic, Miami in the United States of America has some of the best beaches in the world. There’s a Miami beach that caters to every interest, and the best part — they’re all open to the public at all times.

These beaches have been correctly maintained and retain their stunning natural beauty, but at the same time offer so much more than just stretches of sand and clear blue water. There are water sports, restaurants, bars, and picnic spots. Some of the most influential celebrities frequent, some like the Lummus park beach in the country. On the other hand, others, such as 21st–45th Street Beach, offer some much-needed privacy.

3. Hawaii Beaches

Hawaii Beach – Live More Zone

When you think of a beach vacation, it’s almost impossible not to consider Hawaii. Known world over for being the home to the best beaches in the world, it’s no surprise that relaxing on a Hawaii beach is one of the most sought-after tourist activities.

The home of big wave surfing, beaches like Sunset Beach in Oahu or the Na Pali Coast in Kauai are unlike any other. With some of the most glamorous resorts you’ll ever stay in and some of the best food on offer, you can be sure this is a holiday you’re not going to want to miss. Since a few of the more pristine and private beaches are only accessible by boat or canoe, you can also be sure that you’ll have plenty of space to kick back and relax. 

4. Thailand Beaches

Thailand Beach – Live More Zone

When discussing the best beaches in the world, it would be a travesty, not to mention Thailand. Year after year, thousands of tourists flock to this island country in south-east Asia to relax on one of its hundreds of beaches. The best part is that you don’t even have to travel much, but you can visit the Bangkok beach almost as soon as you arrive in the country.

For instance, the Koh Larn beach, which lies just offshore off Pattaya, will stun you with its white sand and calm blue water. The beach in Koh Kood is another tropical paradise that boasts some of the world’s best seafood. Whether you’re looking to relax at a luxurious resort or take it easy at the immensely popular beach shacks, you can be sure that Thailand will not disappoint.

5. Dubai Beaches

Dubai Beach – Live More Zone

Now we’re sure that very few people would consider Dubai as an option while planning a beach vacation. Known more for its shopping options and modern architecture, Dubai is a beach lovers paradise.

With gorgeous views of the Persian Gulf and the Burj Khalifa, one of the most popular beaches in this desert city is the Jumeirah beach. Dozens of cafes line this beach, with open barbecues, children’s parks and desert gardens ensuring you’ll never run out of things to do. For watersports, there’s no place quite like Kite Beach, while Sunset Beach, as its name suggests, offers breathtaking sunset views. Take a few days to relax on a Dubai beach, and you’ll soon see why this desert city makes it to this list.


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