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Destinations With Best Bungee Jumping In The World


Ask any extreme sports enthusiast, and they’ll tell you — there’s no feeling that matches freefalling off a cliff, supported by only a trusty rope that’ll ensure you bounce right back up minutes before you hit the ground. Bungee jumping has been one of the world’s most popular tourist activities for decades, and it’s easy to see why. It doesn’t require much — it can be done over valleys, waterfalls, or bridges — but at the same time, it is always guaranteed to be a thrilling experience.

This extreme sport’s sheer diversity ensures that countries world-over have come up with thousands of stunning and famous bungee jumping places. From New Zealand to Switzerland to India, check out this list of the best bungee jumping in the world, and you’ll soon feel the itch to pack your bags and head down to one yourself.

List of best bungee jumping in the world:

1. New Zealand

New Zealand Bungee Jump  – Live More Zone

It’s no wonder that the extreme sports capital of the world would make it to this list. Home to staggeringly beautiful mountains, green fields that extend as far as the eye can see, and valleys home to thousands of blooming flowers, it’s safe to say bungee jumping in New Zealand is a once in a lifetime experience.

It’s home to the third-highest bungee jump in the world, the Nevis Highwire, which has a single platform seated at a staggering 440 feet above a gorgeous canyon. That’s three times the height of the Statue of Liberty! Consider heading down to the Rotorua jump for a milder but still equally beautiful experience for those with less experience.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland Bungee Jump  – Live More Zone

Switzerland  is home to the one jump with even professionals excited — the Verzasca dam in Ticino. The 720-foot-high dam once featured in Bond films, but these days has opened its doors to allow everyone to enjoy the experience. At night it’s lit up with spotlights to allow for the highly thrilling and heart palpitating night jump, a feature that makes it the most popular spot for bungee jumping in Switzerland.

In the day, meanwhile, choose between a classic plunge or a backwards jump, and you’ll soon see why one of the world’s tallest bungee jumping spots is also one of the coolest.

If you still aren’t satisfied, you could also head down to the Nioc Bridge for the world’s highest bungee jump off a suspension bridge. It’s incredibly gorgeous, with the Navizence river surrounded by a canopy of trees below.

3. China

China Bungee Jump  – Live More Zone

If you want the actual highest bungee jump in the world, though, you’ll need to head to China, where the Macau Tower will allow you to leap a tremendous 760-foot-high platform. This allows for a 6-second free fall, the longest in the world, ensuring it’s one of the most famous bungee jumping places. Less experienced customers can opt for the Sky jump, which offers a tethered 17-second drop alongside the tower.

4. South Africa

South Africa Bungee Jump  – Live More Zone

Another favourite for extreme sports enthusiasts, South Africa, is home to the remarkable Bloukrans Bridge. At the height of 709 feet, this enticing arched bridge is one of the best places to bungee jump, given how gorgeous it’s surroundings are. Situated on the border between Eastern and Western Cape, the canopy of trees below is sure to give you a rush as you leap. For more nervous travellers, a walkway above allows you the same view.

5. USA

US Bungee Jump  – Live More Zone

The United States is a large country and has dozens of gorgeous and very famous bungee jumping places.  But out of the lot, the best has to be the Navajo Bridge overlooking the Grand Canyon  National Park in Arizona. The two bridges lie over the Colorado River, offering you a stunning view of both red stone and clear blue water. It may not be one of the tallest bungee jumping spots in the world, but it sure will be a memorable one.

6. India

India Bungee Jump  – Live More Zone

If you’re looking to jump into a valley surrounded by mountains on all four sides, then there’s no place quite like the Himalayas. Home to some of the best places to bungee jump , the state of Uttarakhand is a delight for adventure tourists from across the world. Located in Mohan Chatti, a gorgeous spot tucked away in the Shivalik mountains, this 272-foot drop will have your heart pounding. In the end, you’re also presented with a certificate, so you walk away with both a fantastic memory and bragging rights.

7. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Bungee Jump  – Live More Zone

Located right near the famously immense Victoria falls, a bridge connecting Zimbabwe and Zambia is also one of the world’s most famous bungee jumping places. Offering both a chance to do a solo jump or go tandem with a professional, it’s also one of the easier jumps for beginners. At the same time, it comes with all the thrill, the view, and the safety standards that professional jumpers expect.

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