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Best Homestays In Coorg For A Cozy Experience


Karnataka  is a state full of many marvels, and the enchanting district of Coorg is one of its most famous tourist attraction. Also called “the Scotland of India”, Coorg is a hill station perched on the Western Ghats slopes, known for its beautiful misty weather, vast coffee plantations, and fascinating history. This popular tourist destination has many accommodation options, and the homestays in Coorg cater to every budget. If you are looking for homestays in Madikeri, the district’s main town, or homestays around Coorg, this list should present you with a few candidates for your next holiday.

1. Gowri Nivas

Gowri Nivas  – Live More Zone

If you are looking for an authentic Coorg experience, consider spending a few nights at Gowri Nivas, a traditional Kodava style house that is now one of the best homestays in Coorg. Gowri Nivas is an ancestral home consisting of two different accommodation types for guests: the house and the cottage, and both are located on a leafy, green property.

This homestay is located in Madikeri town and is close to many popular local attractions, including Raja’s Seat and Abbey Falls. The rates at this homestay in Madikeri range from Rs 4,000 to Rs 6,000 per night.

2. Notting Hill

Notting Hill  – Live More Zone

If you plan a trip to Coorg with a group of family or friends, then booking an entire cottage-like Notting Hill is the way to go. This quaint little cottage, located on Stuart Hill on the outskirts of Madikeri, has three bedrooms, a dining room, and a drawing-room that comes loaded with stocked bookshelves and board games! Nearby attractions include the ever-popular Raja’s Seat and the Sri Omkareshwar Temple. Rooms at Notting Hill start at rates of Rs 3,000 per night.

3. Old Kent Estates

Old Kent Estates  – Live More Zone

Established in the 1800s, Old Kent Estates, one of the top homestays in Coorg, is situated inside India’s oldest coffee plantations.

The bungalow was first built in 1864 but has since then been restored. However, great care has been taken to ensure that flora and fauna surrounding the house were preserved. You can rent your English cottage within the premises, which comes with its garden. Look out the windows or step out of your cabin, and you’ll be greeted with majestic views of the mountains.

If it’s your first time in Coorg, be sure to check the usual contenders off your list: Raja’s Seat, Omkareshwara Temple, Chiklihole Reservoir and Nagarhole National Park. You can also head down to Coorg Cuisine – a restaurant that serves local dishes.

4. Silver Brook Estate

 Silver Brook Estate – Live More Zone

Only seven kilometres away from Madikeri, Silver Brook Estate on the Madikeri-Sidhapur Road is one of the best homestays in Coorg. They have the awards to prove it, named “Best Homestay in India” by Lonely Planet. A beautiful stream winds through the property, and an eco-friendly theme runs through the entire homestay.

Its distance from the main town means that this homestay is perfect for a secluded retreat. The main bungalow and freestanding cottages make up the accommodation options at Silver Brook Estate. Rooms at this homestay in Madikeri start at Rs 5,000 per night.

5. Honey Pot Homes

Honey Pot Homes – Live More Zone

Honey Pot Homes is an excellent spot for travellers to experience the plantation lifestyle in Coorg, as the property is set on a 255-acre estate. The hosts offer visitors daily tours of the coffee estate, and the rooms are equipped with facilities like free Wi-Fi. Additionally, each of the cottage rooms also has a loft, double as an extra sleeping space for couples with children.

Honey Pot Homes is one of the popular Coorg homestays, located only a few kilometres outside the town of Madikeri, on the Sandalkad Estate. Rates at this homestay in Madikeri start at Rs 4,500 per night.

6. Sky Larc Homestay

Sky Larc Homestay  – Live More Zone

The small swimming pool in this homestay makes it one of the best homestays in Coorg if you are planning a trip in summer. The property itself is surrounded by spice and coffee plantations and makes for an idyllic setting if you want to take a stroll. There’s also a pond nearby where you can try your hand at fishing. You can also indulge in birdwatching, and if the weather permits, you can also have a campfire on the premises.

Some nearby attractions include Cheluvara Falls, Iguthappa Temple, Dubare Elephant Camp, Bhagamandal & Talakaveri and Madikeri. Rates at this homestay start at Rs 4,200 per night.

7. Coorg Little Jungle

 Coorg Little Jungle – Live More Zone

If you are looking for a private homestay in Coorg that is insulated from the hustle and bustle of tourist activity, then Coorg Little Jungle is the perfect place for you. Located about 35 kilometres away from Madikeri, Coorg Little Jungle is a homestay in Coorg that offers cosy cottage accommodation on a 30-acre coffee, fruit, and spice plantation.

Apart from its tranquil ambience, another essential feature to note is that this homestay in Coorg is pet-friendly, making it an excellent option for those who choose to travel with the four-legged members of their family. A night at this pretty homestay will cost about Rs 4,500.

8. Casa Coorg Homestay

Casa Coorg Homestay  – Live More Zone

This no-frills Coorg homestay is situated in a coffee plantation next to the Coorg Golf Links and run by an Army family. Book a stay here, and you’ll feel like you’re living with old friends/family. The property offers unparalleled views, delicious home-cooked food (breakfast is included with your booking).

It’s located in Virajpet, which is about 25 minutes away from Madikeri by car. The peace makes going the extra mile worth it, though. Do plan a trip to The Giving Tree at Kasthuri Estate if you stay here.

9. Eco Habitat

Eco Habitat  – Live More Zone

One of the best homestays in Coorg is Eco Habitat, a luxury farmhouse homestay located in Khusalnagar, 30 kilometres away from Madikeri. Unwind amid the relaxing farm lifestyle, where your water is heated by firewood, and the kitchen is stocked with fresh produce straight from the field. Multiple activities are offered at Eco Habitat, including river rafting, trekking, and four-wheel safaris. Additionally, this uber-luxurious Coorg homestay also comes with a private pool attached to the villa. A stay at this destination will cost upward of Rs 6,000 a night.

10. Kedakal Estate

Kedakal Estate  – Live More Zone

A refurbished family home, Kedakal Estate is a beautiful cottage located in the small town of Suntikoppa, 10 kilometres away from Coorg’s capital, Madikeri. The cabin, built in the early 1900s, carries the feel of a bygone era, with colonial-style architecture reminiscent of British times. This is an excellent option if you are looking for homestays in Coorg with a pool, as the property has both an outdoor pool as well as a jacuzzi. Rates at this Coorg homestay begin at Rs 6,000 per night.

Planning a trip to Coorg is made even easier with the travel solutions at digibank Travel Now. If the idea of watching the morning fog roll in over lush green hills as you sip a strong cup of coffee sounds appealing, then pack your bags for the gorgeous homestays in Coorg.



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