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An Ultimate Guide To The Best Jungle Resorts In India


Tall tales of hunters who went in the forest with their rifles in the wee hours of the morning to perfect their skill of hunting a predatory animal are familiar in Indian folklore—these tales, whether fiction or reality, have enthralled many a traveller for years now. The killing of animals is illegal today, as it should be, but the sheer exhilaration of spotting a lion roaming free in the wilderness is unparalleled.

This is why hunting lodges, eco-resorts and glamping in national parks or even long staycations in jungle resorts has become a niche of its own. For the discerning traveller who wants to reconnect with nature, wake up with the chirping of birds (and not the dreadful alarm clock) and sit by a creek in the evening as the sun goes down, there is nothing better than vacationing in a wildlife resort. And if you have already experienced this way of life or are yearning to embark on a wild adventure  in the deep dark forest, check out these jungle resorts and zero down on a place that speaks to you.

Ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime out in the wild? Shortlist your favourite one from our top picks.

1. Binsar Forest Retreat, Uttarakhand

A bird watcher’s paradise, Binsar is an undiscovered gem in Uttarakhand. Touristy crowds do not frequent it. Given its crown jewel is the beautiful and expansive Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, it is only visited by people who want to be amidst nature.

Binsar Forest Retreat lies in the heart of Binsar Valley and is perfect for people who want a digital detox kind of vacation. A rustic yet picturesque resort, the place is run on solar power and harvested rainwater making it a truly eco-resort. There is also the essence of history behind the retreat as it was built on land once owned by a Major from the British era.

Once you are at the resort, you can go bird-watching, try various activities, watch the prettiest sunsets and wake up before sunrise to experience calmness in its most real sense. You will be compelled to give up your phone because there is only a standard charging plug in the living room. The buffets served here are excellent as well. When it comes to vacationing in nature, Binsar Forest Retreat is the literal definition of the sort of life you ought to live in the wild – far from the city, free from digital distractions, connecting with your roots and going bird-watching as you gorge on sumptuous and healthy food.

  • Approximate Cost – INR 7,000 for two per night
  • Nearest Airport – Pantnagar Airport (136 km)
  • Nearest Railway Station – Kathgodam Railway Station (105 km)
  • Nearest City – Delhi (374 km)

2. Aman-i-Khas, Rajasthan

A little distance away from Ranthambore National Park, Aman-i-Khas defines the modern-day phenomenon in travel – glamping. Nestled inside a brushwood forest, this camp is Mughal-style in its architecture and houses ten different and spacious tents sequestered adequately from each other. The tents are built on a raised plinth and are air-conditioned, and have all the amenities you would want from a glamping experience. You will get complete privacy and the chance to wake up to beautiful sunsets and the chirping of birds in the morning. Don’t miss out on the tiger safari in the renowned Ranthambore National Park. When you visit Aman-i-Khas, you are here for the adventure staycation  that rejuvenates you to the T. After all, living in the wild does wonder for one’s soul, mind and body like no other kind of vacation.

  • Approximate Cost – INR 65,000 for two per night
  • Nearest Airport – Jaipur International Airport (180 km)
  • Nearest Railway Station – Sawai Madhopur Junction (12 km)
  • Nearest City –  Jaipur (150 km)

3. Mahua Vann Pench, Madhya Pradesh

Spread on 11 acres of land, Mahua Vann Pench is a beautiful property that encompasses all the merging elements in nature. This resort is a dream come true for all the wildlife enthusiast out there. Complete with rooms and cottages, few of which even have private decks and open-to-sky bathrooms, the resort also has a swimming pool and a library, among other amenities. Each cottage and room is styled and built distinctly with mud-painted walls camouflaging the resort with the forest. There is also a seasonal creek flowing by the resort, which merges with a Sangam point at one end. There are plenty of nature trails for you to walk on and open spaces where you can lay out a blanket and have a picnic or sunset  watching session. Of course, an excursion to the famous Pench National Park is unmissable and the highlight of staying in this undiscovered forest retreat.

  • Approximate Cost – INR 8,000 for two per night
  • Nearest Airport – Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur (116 km)
  • Nearest Railway Station – Nagpur Railway Station (91 km)

Nearest City – Nagpur (91 km)

4. Diphlu River Lodge, Assam

Located on the banks of river Diphlu, this eco-lodge is perfect for a rustic getaway in the wild. The individual cottages of Diphlu River Lodge are separated and stand on stilts giving you full privacy. The thatched roofs and the small balconies give it a raw, beautiful aesthetic called a wildlife resort’s signature.

The lodge is near the Kaziranga National Park, home to the one-horned rhinos. There is also a machan in the lodge’s premises, which doubles over as a bird-watching deck for you. Soak in the beauty all around you, breathe in that crisp, fresh air and go on wildlife safaris in the famous national park. You can opt for jeep safaris and make the most of your wildlife vacation at Diphlu River Lodge.

  • Approximate Cost – INR 36,000 for two per night
  • Nearest Airport – Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (220 km)
  • Nearest Railway Station – Guwahati Railway Station (198 km)
  • Nearest City – Tezpur (60 km)

5. The Fern Gir Forest Resort, Gujarat

Home to the Asiatic Lions, Gir National Park should be on top of everyone’s list who wants to holiday in the wild. And the best base to embark on this adventure and memorable journey is The Fern Gir Forest Resort. Complete with 40 well-appointed and tastefully decorated tents, suites, cottages and villas, this place is perfect for relaxation in the forest. You can sip your morning/evening tea out in the private garden or laze around by the pool and even relax your muscles and nerves in the spa. The food is sumptuous, and you get to taste the local delicacies. Once you have had your share of relaxation inside the resort, head out in the forest and go on a safari to spot the famed Asiatic lions or simply explore the beauty of the national park.

  • Approximate Cost – INR 4,000 for two per night
  • Nearest Airport – Diu Airport (95 km)
  • Nearest Railway Station – Somnath Railway Station (45 km)
  • Nearest City – Veraval (42 km)

Are you excited to embark on your next wildlife getaway in the wild? Make sure you do all your research and plan an itinerary. With wildlife vacations, it is necessary to check out whether the parks will be open in the month of your travel or not. To help you with all this, there is Travel Now by digibank by DBS. Check out all of its features and exclusive discounts right here.



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