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Headed To Bangalore? These Are The Best Resorts In Bangalore


Even though Valentines Day  has come and gone in 2021, couples in love should keep expressing their affection all year round. Out of all the ways, a couple can strengthen their bond, taking a romantic couples trip to a resort has to be one of the best. Dating in the city  can be challenging, and there are times when a couple needs to get away from it all. There is no shortage of romantic resorts in Bangalore for couples living and loving in Bangalore . This list by Live More Zone has hand-picked some of the most couple-friendly resorts in Bangalore for you to plan your next romantic getaway .

1. The Windflower Resort

The Windflower Resort  – Live More Zone

The Windflower Resort is one of Bangalore’s best resorts, with its cosy rooms, charming ambience, and gorgeous lawns. A variety of room options, starting from Rs 5,000 a night, make The Windflower Resort an attractive choice for many couples. Located on Crescent Road, this is one of Bangalore’s most romantic resorts for couples. Like bike riding and paintball, many fun outdoor activities are available during the day, while an elegant restaurant promises some intimate moments over dinner.

2. Holiday Village Resort

Holiday Village Resort  – Live More Zone

For those looking for a quick getaway, Holiday Village is one of Bangalore’s best resorts for couples. Located on 9th Mile Kanakpura Road, this resort is only 15 kilometres from the city centre and situated close to attractions like Sri Sai Baba Mandir and Vasantha Vallabharaya Temple. Couples can spend time at the bar and lounge, or have a meal at the restaurant, all after spending a relaxing day by the outdoor pool. The Holiday Village Resort in Bangalore is also pet-friendly, and its room rates begin from Rs 3,200 per night.

3. Goldfinch Retreat

Goldfinch Retreat  – Live More Zone

The Goldfinch Retreat is one of Bangalore’s best resorts for a couple’s night stay, mostly if they would prefer to stay close to the airport. The Goldfinch Retreat is a couple-friendly resort in Bangalore located just seven kilometres from New International Airport. The plush rooms make this one of the most romantic resorts in Bangalore for couples. This four-star hotel features a modern design, as well as extravagant amenities like a fitness centre, as well as an indoor and outdoor pool. Rooms at Goldfinch Retreat start from Rs 4,000 per night.

4. Olde Bangalore

Olde Bangalore  – Live More Zone

Among the finest resorts for couples in Bangalore, Olde Bangalore is a worthy addition to the list. This charming four-star resort aims to capture the quaint nostalgia of the days gone by as it evokes memories of the Bangalore of the past. Curiously designed cottages and tents offer to make this a unique stay for couples in Bangalore, starting at rates of Rs 4,000 per night. Olde Bangalore also plays host to the Itoozhi Ayurvedic Hospital and Wellness Center, where couples can go through some rejuvenating treatments together. These amenities make Olde Bangalore of Bangalore’s best resorts for couples.

5. Jaladhama Resort

Jaladhama Resort  – Live More Zone

A long romantic drive through the scenic Karnataka countryside is one of the best parts about planning a couple’s retreat around Bangalore. Play some loved up tunes in the car as you and your partner make the 125-kilometre drive from Bangalore to Jaladhama Resort. This is one of the best resorts around Bangalore for couples, as it is located far enough from the city to feel like an escape, but with a host of activities to keep the guests entertained. Situated on the Cauvery River banks, Jaladhama Resort lives up to its name by offering various watersports for thrill-seeking couples. Stay at Jaladhama Resort starts from Rs 4,000 per night.

6. The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa

The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa  – Live More Zone

To stay at one of Bangalore’s most luxurious couple-friendly resorts, visit The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa. Located on Tumkur Road in Bangalore, this fancy resort is the perfect place to whisk away your loved one for a few days of pampering. This massive, grand property is set among scenic, landscaped lawns, with a spa and a pool at guests’ disposal. The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa also offers packages for couples, including offers at the spa, making it one of Bangalore’s best couples’ resorts. A stay at Golden Palms Hotel & Spa will cost up to Rs 11,000 per night.

The constant weary grind of fast-paced city life demands an occasional change of scenery to keep things interesting, and making a trip to some of the best resorts around Bangalore for couples is sure to help. Before planning the perfect lovestruck adventure with your partner, ensure that your holiday is covered financially by visiting the Digibank Travel Now  website to get information about their many plans. Love can’t wait, so begin planning the trip to make memories that will last a lifetime today!



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