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Best Resorts In India For A perfect Weekend


Summer is the season of holidays, and as international travel continues to be restricted, there is no shortage of incredible destinations within the country for you to visit. Even if elaborate vacations are off the menu, heading away for a short, safe holiday to the weekend resorts around India’s biggest metros are a great way to escape from the stresses of daily life. The best resorts in India sit just a short drive away from the cities and invite places to unwind and relax for their guests. Here is an overview of the best weekend getaway resorts around India’s cities to help you plan your next vacation.

List of best resorts in India For A Relaxing Weekend:

1. Resorts in Delhi

Resorts in Delhi  – Live More Zone

Delhi residents are lucky to have some of the best resorts in India close to their city in every direction. From hill station getaways in the Aravalli Hills to beautiful retreats on the shores of Damdama Lake and the magnificent palace hotels of Rajasthan and forest lodges of Uttarakhand only a little further, those looking for resorts in India that cater to all tastes would be happy with the selection of weekend resorts that Delhi offers.

Our list of Delhi’s best resorts will let you know all you need to plan a weekend trip around the city.

2. Resorts in Mumbai

Resorts in Mumbai  – Live More Zone

Mumbaikars have a wide array of resorts to visit while planning weekend getaways. Some of the best resorts in India are waiting to be explored around the city. From the waterfalls and lakeside escapes around Lonavala to the spas and rejuvenation centres at Mulshi and the beautiful hill station of Mahableshwar, there is a wide range of weekend getaway resorts to choose from while planning a trip.

With a short drive that’s all that separates you from an escape from the city, these weekend resorts make for a great trip. The Live More Zone list of resorts around Mumbai will give you all the information you need to plan your next weekend trip.

3. Resorts in Pune

Resorts in Pune  – Live More Zone

Pune is known as a student city, and luckily there are several weekend resorts near the city for groups to enjoy themselves. From luxury treehouse accommodation to a heritage hotel placed within a fort, Pune has a long list of alternatives to visit while planning a weekend getaway.

You can enjoy various experiences, from staying in a bungalow dating back to the British colonial era to camping in style in lavish tents at the weekend getaway resorts around Pune. Visit our compilation of resorts around Pune when planning your weekend escape.

4. Resorts in Bangalore

Resorts in Bangalore  – Live More Zone

The fast-paced life in India’s IT capital, Bangalore, means its residents often find themselves needing a break at a weekend resort. Many of the alternatives to visit around Bangalore also come with access to exciting weekend activities, like trekking and water sports. Also, for those looking to pamper themselves with a luxurious experience, the spa and luxury destinations around Bangalore are some of the best resorts in India.

The city also has some resorts located close to and in the town for those who don’t wish to travel too far. We have compiled a list of the best resorts around Bangalore for you to plan your next trip.

5. Resorts in Chennai

Resorts in Chennai  – Live More Zone

The capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, enjoys a location close to the sea, making it the destination for some of the best seaside resorts in India. From the lavish grandeur of five-star resorts to budget hotels that still boast an enviable beach location, the alternatives to visit around Chennai are great for getting away for a weekend and working on a good tan. Enjoy delicious seafood, visit historical sites, and spend some golden hours on the beach at the weekend resorts in Chennai. If you’re planning a weekend trip around Chennai, be sure to check out our list of the best alternatives around the city.

6. Resorts in Hyderabad

	Resorts in Hyderabad – Live More Zone

The royal city of Nizams, Hyderabad, is synonymous with opulence, and the resorts around the city will make guests feel like royalty indeed. While planning a weekend escape around Hyderabad, you can choose to stay in the grandeur of bygone days in a palace or rejuvenate the body and mind at a fully appointed spa, and often do both at the same place! Weekend getaway resorts around Hyderabad are sure to refresh a guest’s senses before returning to the city. Our list  of the best resorts around Hyderabad will help you plan your next holiday.

Many resorts in India offer the perfect escape from the stresses of city life. If any of these resorts to visit on our list seem like a place you want to spend your next vacation, then avail of the offers at Digibank Travel Now to make your planning even more accessible. Even in a time of limited travel, it is still possible to visit some of the best resorts in India that lie close to your home. Gift yourself some overdue relaxation and plan your visit to the weekend getaway resorts near your city. If you would like to make the most of it, then digibank Travel Now  has attractive packages and offers to make weekend trip perfect.



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