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Best Tourist Places In South India


India’s famous cultural and geographical diversity means that travelling to different regions of the country is always a unique experience. With its blend of culture, cuisine, traditions, and attractions, South India’s tourist places offer a buffet of experiences. If you are looking for places to visit in South India, you should know that this rich region has various destinations, offering something that can’t be found anywhere else in the world . A South India tourist map will be full of exciting stopovers in places that will leave a lasting impression on any traveller. This list of the best tourist places in South India is a good starting point for anyone planning a region trip.

1. Pondicherry

Pondicherry  – Live More Zone

As a former French colony, Pondicherry is a charming town that belongs to every tourist destination in South India. Now a Union Territory lying on the coast of Tamil Nadu is unlike any other beachside destination in South India for its blend of French and Indian influences.

Apart from the lovely architecture and quaint cafes that feel like they came straight out of a storybook, Pondicherry also offers solace to those seeking a spiritual experience at the Shri Aurobindo Ashram, its township of Auroville. Strolling through its French Quarter and enjoying the cobbled streets is a must while in Pondicherry. This charming seaside town must be added to every traveller’s list of places to visit in South India.

2. Hampi

Hampi  – Live More Zone

While in Karnataka, planning a trip to Hampi is a must as it is one of the most important historical places to visit in South India. The ruins of Hampi are classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and date back to the grand Vijaynagar Empire in the 14th century.

Even older ruins of temples and structures in Hampi and their majesty are perfectly complemented by the dramatic landscape, with its giant boulders. In addition to the centuries of history, Hampi is also known as a backpackers’ paradise. When it comes to tourist places in South India, Hampi is one of the most popular.

3. Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram  – Live More Zone

Located in Tamil Nadu, approximately 55 kilometres from the city of Chennai, Mahabalipuram is a beautiful beach town by the Bay of Bengal, on India’s eastern coast. This picturesque town is one of the best places to visit in South India for those interested in the architecture of early Indian temples.

Mamallapuram is often referred to as a “temple town” for the number of centuries-old temples that dot it. The beach also has a thriving surfing culture and has become one of the hotspots for activity in the country. This tourist place in South India is unmissable, especially for those journeying from Chennai  to Pondicherry , as it lies along the same route.

4. Coorg

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South India’s diverse landscape means that it has more to offer than just coastal destinations. One of the most popular tourist places in South India is Coorg, a scenic hill station in Karnataka. It is sometimes referred to as “the Scotland of India” for its landscape of rolling hills, dense forests, and misty weather. Coorg is also famous for its coffee plantations.

Any visit to this beautiful tourist spot in South India is incomplete without sampling some of the plantations’ delicious coffee blends. This picturesque town is a lovely escape from the summer heat thanks to its pleasant weather year-round, making it one of the best places in South India for a summer vacation. The Golden Temple, a large Buddhist  monastery, is also a popular tourist attraction in Coorg.

5. Ooty

Ooty  – Live More Zone

If one is searching for the best tourist destinations in South India, it would be remiss to forget about Ooty. This tourist haven in Tamil Nadu is often referred to as “the Queen of the Hill Stations” for its breathtaking views of the rolling Nilgiri hills, carpeted with tea plantations that are famed across the country for their delicious harvest.

Ooty is easily among the best places to visit in South India. Its Nilgiri Mountain Railway line is one of the most picturesque railway tracks globally, being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005. Ooty is located 88 kilometres from Coimbatore and is full of accommodation options due to its popularity as one of the most popular tourist places in South India.

Between Kerala , Tamil Nadu, Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, South India is full of charming destinations. It is hard to select the best place to visit in South India since they are all special in a unique way. If you plan to visit this region and experience its abundance, Digibank Travel Now  offers many attractive packages to make this holiday dream a reality.



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