31 March 2021 | 3 min read

Love, The Outdoors? Here Are Some of The Best Trekking Places Near Bangalore


Bangalore  is a vibrant city, with plenty to do, but like most cities, the great outdoors  is always calling out to its residents. For those who enjoy spending a little time outside the city , there are many treks around Bangalore where one can feel wholly transported from the concrete jungle’s rush into the blissful lap of nature. There are many spots for trekking near Bangalore, where a short drive will take you from the city’s busy heart to a remote destination perfect for trekkers, hikers, and anyone looking to leave the stress of city life behind.

1. Skandagiri

At a distance of 61 kilometers from Bangalore lies the hill called Skandagiri. This 1,350-meter tall hill is the site of one of the most popular treks near Bangalore. Located in the Chikballapur district, Skandagiri is frequented by trekking groups in Bangalore who enjoy climbing to its peak.

The hill’s lower slopes are beginner-friendly, while the latter portion of this trek near Bangalore gets harder as its trail goes through thick shrubs. Many trekkers visiting Skandagiri opt for a night trek, as there is a beautiful observation point at the summit from which to watch the sunrise.

2. Anthargange

If you are looking for a unique place for trekking near Bangalore, then Anthargange is an experience you must not pass upon. This 1,712 meter-tall mountain offers both the chance to trek to the summit as well as explore the many caves at its base.

The landscape around Anthargange is covered in rocky hills, making it a remarkable destination for trekking around Bangalore. Located 70 kilometers from Bangalore, Anthargange is also a popular destination for overnight camping and one of Bangalore’s easier treks for beginners to attempt.

3. Savandurga

The looming monolith of Savandurga Hills is one of the most frequented trekking places near Bangalore. Located about 70 kilometers from Bangalore, Savandurga is composed of two stone hills, Karigudda and Billigudda. The Savandurga trek is a favorite spot for trekking in Bangalore, and a centuries-old fort at the top, built by medieval ruler Kempe Gowda II is an attraction for many visitors.

There are some beautiful views of Bangalore city’s outskirts from the top of this 1,226 meter-tall monolith. The Savandurga trek is considered one of the easier treks to attempt around Bangalore and is therefore popular with novice trekkers as well as large groups.

4. Kunti Betta

City dwellers in Bangalore looking to take an unforgettable overnight trek should head to Kunti Betta, a favorite trekking spot near Bangalore located a little over 120 kilometers from the city. Legend has it that this hill was where the Pandavas and their mother Kunti stayed during the time of the Mahabharata. Kunti Betta is a great place for trekking near Bangalore as it is on the shores of Thonnur Lake, making it very popular with adventurers and photography enthusiasts alike. At a height of 877 meters, Kunti Betta is one of the best Bangalore trekking destinations.

5. Ramanagara

If you are looking for a trek near Bangalore in a dramatic landscape, then it can’t get much more dramatic than where the iconic Bollywood blockbuster Sholay was shot. Ramanagara district is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore for those looking to trek and explore the outdoors.

The district has several tall stone hills, with multiple treks leading to their summits. The Ramanagara district is also a popular destination for adventurers who wish to try rock climbing skills. The Pattabhi Rama temple is another popular attraction here, making this one of the best places to trek near Bangalore.

6. Nandi Hills

Located in the Chikballapur district, Nandi Hills has always been a popular destination for outdoor activities among residents of Bangalore. When trekking around Bangalore, it is a must to visit Nandi Hills at least once. With 1,200 steps carved into the hill’s slopes on the way to the summit, those who complete the climb are greeted by medieval ruler Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace and a view of Amrita Sarovar beneath. Nandi Hills is located only a short 54-kilometer drive away from the city and is a great destination for trekking in Bangalore.

Leaving the city behind for a refreshing day spent trekking is a great way to recharge your batteries. Should you need assistance on financing your trekking trips around Bangalore or anywhere else in the country, the solutions on offer at Digibank Travel Now  will be welcome. These treks around Bangalore should be the start of a series of new adventures that you take on as you continue to explore the country. So put on your hiking shoes, pack a sleeping bag and some sunscreen, and start your own exploration of these beautiful trekking destinations near Bangalore!



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