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Best Treks In Himachal You Must Visit


Surely the gods live here; this is no place for men,’ said Rudyard Kipling of the Himalayas. If you’ve visited even once (or even just seen photos!), you’d know he couldn’t have been righter. The gorgeously diverse landscape has been attracting travellers for centuries.

Thick forests, waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, stretches of ice-land, beautiful plains, glacial lakes – the beauty seems endless. Lovely little villages dot the mystic mountains, calling us all with love. Himachal Pradesh is laden with trekking and nature trails, perfect for visiting from March through September and at very affordable prices. We have picked some of the best treks in Himachal, just for you. Don’t forget to check out digibank travel offers that will help make your trip not just less expensive but also a whole lot fun and memorable as well.

1. Malana Village Trek

Malana Village Trek – Live More Zone

This 4-km-long trek starts from the Jari village. This trek in Himachal takes you to one of the oldest villages in the country. When you are in such treks in Himachal, what you should certainly do is take a long walk on the winding roads cutting through the hills. It is almost meditative. Trekkers planning a Kasoltrip shouldn’t miss the thrill that this walk from Kasol to Malana has to offer. It has to be one of the most beautiful weekend treks in the Himachal.

Total days trekking: 6

Maximum Altitude: 10,000 ft

Difficulty: Medium

2. Kareri Lake Trek

	Kareri Lake– Live More Zone

Treks in Himachal Pradesh is all about escaping the mundane, hectic schedule back home and taking a break. The Kareri Lake trek offers just that – a much-needed break from the everyday boring routine, especially since it is doable even by beginners. The most exquisite and scenic views of nature best are here to greet you. Nestled pretty in the Kangra district, the trekking trail passes along the chir and chilgoza pine trees lining the beautiful lake and the camps, with clear blue skies. Every step here is a lovely photo-op!

Total trekking days: 3

Maximum Altitude: 9600 ft

Difficulty: Easy to medium

3. Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund  – Live More Zone

Situated in Himalaya’s Dhauladhar Range, Beas Kund is a beautiful place of exotic natural beauty and immense historical importance. You need to complete a 15-17 km trek that’s easily covered in about three days to reach here. It is super easy and doable by all age groups. Once you get here, you can stay at one of the campsites and relax in the scenic natural beauty.

Total Trekking Days: 2 days

Maximum Altitude: 12,139 ft

Difficulty: Easy

4. Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga  – Live More Zone

Kasol’s Kheer Ganga is a lovely, brilliantly white river falling from the mystical mountains of the Himalayas. The only way you can reach here is by a short by strenuous trek. Trekking enthusiasts love this trail. This trek in Himachal is no more than 12 km and can be completed in about 6 hours if you take 2-3 short breaks. You will love it.

Total Trekking Days: 1

Maximum Altitude: 9,711 ft

Difficulty: Very Easy

5. Jakhu Temple Trek

Jakhu Temple – Live More Zone

Shimla’s Jakhu Temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is famous for housing thousands of monkeys. The 108 feet high statue of Lord Hanuman, hidden behind the many deodar trees at the temple, has been attracting travellers for ages. The temple is on the highest peak of Shimla – at the height of 2455 meters – and an equal number of religious travellers and adventure seekers visit every year.

Trekking Days: 1 day

Maximum Altitude: 8,054 ft

Difficulty Level: Easy

6. Chandrakhani Pass Trek

Chandrakhani  – Live More Zone

This lovely trekking route covers the magnificent view of Deo Tibba and Pirpanjal ranges. Stretching from an altitude of 2500 meters to 3666 meters, it is one of the most inviting moderate to low altitude treks in Himachal Pradesh. The route begins from Naggar and takes you through Rumsu, Ganachalani, and Celanti, offering at least a million photo-ops.

Trekking Days: 3 days

Maximum Altitude: 12,000 ft

Difficulty Level: Easy

7. Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake  – Live More Zone

The trek to Bhrigu Lake will give you an ultimate high, quite literally, considering it’s at an altitude of 14,000 feet. This is one of the best treks in Himachal where you can reach such an impressive height and gorgeous natural beauty in just three days! As the ideal time to visit is around May and June, this is also the best and the most preferred trek during the scorching Indian summers. Do bear in mind that some paths are steep here and can be overwhelming for beginners.

Total Trekking Days: 3

Maximum Altitude: 14,000 ft

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

8. Triund Trek

 Triund Trek – Live More Zone

Treks and nature trails are often considered group activities. But if you are looking for going solo in the Himalayas, you should head to the gorgeous trails of Triund. The rendezvous with the mountains here is one of a kind! The vast and wonderful Dhauladhar ranges look even more magical from here. Camping beneath the stars in the night and with a bonfire is just perfect if you are trekking with friends. Trekkers often say that there is no place, Triund, on earth; you can go and check for yourself before taking our word for it.

Total Trekking Days: 2

Maximum Altitude: 9,350 ft

Difficulty: Easy

9. Deo Tibba Base Camp

Deo Tibba  – Live More Zone

Deo Tibba Base Camp trek that takes you to the Deo Tibba mountain base is perfect for you if you are a trekking pro. Lying in a remote mountain landscape, the trek offers tasteful scenic views. The challenges that you cross on this trek prep you for more arduously challenging expeditions. As it requires much strength and endurance, this trek isn’t apt for beginners.

Total Trekking Days: 5-6

Maximum Altitude: 20,000 ft

Difficulty: Difficult

10. Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley  – Live More Zone

There is an endless list of stunning hill stations you can explore when it comes to the Himalayas. The Teerthan Valley is one such peak that’s been seeing many travellers in the past few years. It might have gotten a little crowded than it used to be, but that in no way has changed the stunning beauty that it is. The valley does not just offer a perfect escapade from the concrete jungle  but also helps you relax and breathe in pure natural bliss.

Total Trekking Days: 8

Maximum Altitude: 4,921 ft

Difficulty: Medium to difficult

**Before you decide to go for any of these treks in the Himachal (or travel anywhere at all), do check the Covid-related travel advisory. There may be last-minute updates considering the situation at the moment. 



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