8 February 2021 | 4 min read

Love Adventure? Try Bungee Jumping In India


Adventure is for the soul, and even if you get weak in the knees and all the anxiety before you embark on a daring quest, it is worth the thrill. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself in 2021. After all, India is rapidly evolving to cater to all the adrenaline and adventure junkies out there. From river rafting to innovative ways of scuba diving and fox flying, there is plenty of adventure sports in India that you can tick off your bucket list.

Today, we are about to give you places to add in case you are yearning to try the most daunting of adventure sports of them all – bungee jumping. You might already have heard of a few places in the list, but others cater to novices and people who might be afraid of heights—excited or scared? Hold tight to both the emotions because you will need it when you gear up and stand at the edge of a fixed place to take the jump of faith (and leap too)! Let’s get you strapped, secured and ready to experience what flying (or falling) feels like, even if it is for a few seconds. Here you go!

Bungee jumping in India has evolved recently with companies that do offer this quintessential adventure sports taking care of all the safety measures. They are professionals at what they do and will make you feel safe when you are getting ready. Moreover, it is truly an experience of a lifetime; thus, you should pick a place where the jump’s height suits you. Whether it is 25 meter or 83 meters, you decide what’s best for you.

1. Jumpin Heights, Rishikesh

Jumpin Heights – Live More Zone

Bungee jumping in Rishikesh has become synonymous with Jumpin Heights. Not only it is the first place that people prefer when it comes to this daunting adventure, but it is also the highest point, at 83 meters, for this extreme sports. It is not for the faint-hearted, and if you are someone who is at ease with getting that adrenaline spike and have already tried bungee jumping at other low heights, Jumpin Heights is perfect for you. Be prepared and sure before you take the plunge (pun intended).

Approximate Cost – INR 3500 onwards

2. Ozone Adventures, Bangalore

Ozone Adventures – Live More Zone

If jumping from a fixed platform, like at Jumpin Heights and other places, wasn’t adventurous enough for you, Bangalore should be on your list. They have taken the thrill of this extreme adventure sports up a notch, by making the platform mobile. This set up is at Ozone Adventures, and you will be jumping off a platform attached to a 130 ft high crane. This is where people draw a line, and only the most daring step up would be an understatement. If you belong to the latter category, go for bungee jumping in Bangalore.

Approximate Cost – INR 400

3. Gravity Adventure Zone, Goa

Gravity Adventure Zone – Live More Zone

How about you combine your jump with a scenic view of the beach? At Anjuna Beach, Goa, you get to witness this along with the thrill of bungee jumping. Located near the beach, Gravity Adventure Zone is perfect for people of all levels of adventure quest. Moreover, when you go bungee jumping in Goa, you get the opportunity to experience plenty of water sports and other extreme adventure sports too. However, it is advisable to skip the adventure sports, especially bungee jumping during Goa’s monsoon season.

Approximate Cost – INR 500

4. Della Adventures, Lonavala

Della Adventures – Live More Zone

The perfect escape for both Pune and Mumbai folks, Della Adventures, is India’s largest extreme adventure park, as per them. And they do have a myriad of adventure sports you can choose from. However, if you want to try bungee jumping in Lonavala, this place is perfect as it breaks away from the conventional form of the sport. At Della, you get to bungee jump on a trampoline. You are all strapped up, safe and secure and sent on a trampoline that throws you up high in the air, as far as 28 meters. Thus, if direct jumping is a little too extreme for you, this is the place where you should start your adventure.

Approximate Cost – INR 1500

5. Wanderlust, New Delhi

Wanderlust – Live More Zone

In case just going to the place and trying bungee jumping is too mainstream for you, Wanderlust Operators in Delhi have you covered. They are the only operators in the country who rent the gear and equipment for bungee jumping, providing the customer with the option to set up their bungee jumping range anywhere they please. All their equipment is sourced from Japan, and they have highly trained supervisors from Germany. Rest assured, you are in safe hands if you decide to go bungee jumping in Delhi or set it up elsewhere. The height of the jump here is 25 meters, perfect for novices.

Approximate Cost – INR 1500

Are you feeling a tad bit more adventurous? If not, and in case you are bogged down by the endless list of things you will have to accomplish before you can board a flight and head to your bungee jumping destination in India, we have got you covered. With Travel Now by digibank, DBS you benefit from just booking your tickets and landing at the said destination. All the planning, researching, and comparing prices for flight tickets and hotels is on us. We understand the pain of travellers and with Travel Now, half of your hassle is gone. Make the most of this and book your next trip now. Of course, keep all safety and sanitization precautions in mind.



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