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4 Most Popular Deserts in India For Your Travel Bucket list


India is known for its diversity – be it food, culture, language, or any other thing. Similarly, it is blessed with diverse scenic beauty too. From mountains to seascapes to forests to deserts, India is enriched with different types of landscapes. Deserts in India boast some of the most spectacular landscapes that are full of visual inspirations. Some people enjoy beaches, some like to hang out in hills, and some are avid desert lovers. If you are one of the desert enthusiasts, here we have listed the most beautiful deserts that you must add to your travel bucket list right away. This list comprises of vast cold, hot, and salt deserts. They may strike similar presence, but they all have something unique about themselves that’s worth exploring. So, let’s start!

1. The Sandy Desert of Thar

Thar Desert – Live More Zone

The Thar Desert, AKA the Great Indian Desert, is India’s largest and most famous desert. It is home to about 40% of Rajasthan’s population. Did you know it is believed to be the most civilised desert in the world? The reason being it’s the only desert that has roads and infrastructure. The Thar Desert is exceptionally massive. About 85% of the desert is in India, and the rest is in Pakistan.

Best time to visit:

One must consider visiting the Thar Desert in the winter months from October to March when the temperatures don’t soar as high as it does during summer.

How to reach?

The nearest airport is in Jodhpur, and the nearest railway station is located in Jaisalmer, a major city located closest to the desert. Camel rides and jeeps are the best way to explore the land beyond the desert.

Unique activities:

Dune bashing, parasailing over the Thar Desert, enjoying sunrise and sunset over the dunes, camel riding and witnessing traditional cultural performances are some of the activities that are unique to the Thar Desert.

2. Ladakh

Ladakh – Live More Zone

Renowned as a bridge between the sky and the earth, Ladakh is a cold desert. It lies in the Great Himalayas, on the eastern side of Jammu and Kashmir. Ladakh’s population is around three lakhs. Here they celebrate Hemis, Gustors and the Ladakh Festivals. Tourists from around the world come to witness these festivals and the natural beauty of Ladakh.

Best time to visit:

The months between June and October.

How to reach?

The nearest airport is in Leh, and the nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi (700 km from Ladakh) which enjoys connectivity with Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. You can quickly get a taxi or public bus from the airport and the train station to reach the destination.

Unique activities:

Rock climbing, ice hockey, Ladakh marathon, jeep safari, etc. are some of the adventures activities that you can enjoy while visiting Ladakh.

3. The White Salt Desert of Kutch

White Salt Desert – Live More Zone

This bright white salt desert is known as the Great Rann of Kutch, located in Gujarat along the west coast of India. You can experience the actual vastness of this mesmerising desert on any winter night when the desert lights up with the reflection of the moon and the millions of stars. This land is also famous for the Rann Utsav that attracts many music, art, and travel lovers to the desert’s heart.

Best time to visit:

The winter months from October to March are ideal for staying here. Because during these months the water dries up and reveals the magical white desert.

How to reach?

Whether you are taking a train or a flight to reach this destination, you will have to get down at Bhuj. You can find the best accommodation options at Dhordo and Hodka from where it is easier to reach the Rann or desert.

Unique activities:

Camel safari, paramotoring, all-terrain vehicle riding, star gazing, etc. are some of the activities you can indulge in when you visit the Rann of Kutch.

4. Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley – Live More Zone

Blessed with prolific scenic beauty, Spiti Valley is a high-altitude desert in Himachal Pradesh. It’s home to some of the most ancient Buddhist monasteries in the world. Tabo Monastery and Kye Gompa are two of the most famous monasteries in the valley. Apart from this, towering mountains, deep gorges and glacial streams attract tourists from around the world.

Best time to visit:

The months of October-February are the best time to visit Spiti. If you want to avoid winter, you can consider summer months of March-June.

How to reach?

If you are planning to reach Spiti Valley through airways, take a flight to Kullu airport as it is the nearest airport from the destination. From there, you can hire a cab or board a local bus that will directly take you to Kaza, a town situated in Spiti Valley.

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If you are comfortable with the train journey, the best option is to reach Chandigarh first by train and then take a taxi or bus to Spiti Valley.

Unique activities:

Spiti valley is the hub for all kinds of thrilling activities such as trekking, camping, hiking, etc. The awe-inspiring beauty and warm culture of the valley attract adventure lovers. From adventure sports to exploring the ruins, you can indulge yourself into endless activities over here from immersing in spirituality to admiring skilled handicrafts.



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