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Best Places To Visit In Bangkok


With its warm tropical climate, friendly locals and bustling nature, Bangkok is a great holiday destination for India. Whether this is your first international vacation or part of a globe-trotting spree, plan it well with our Bangkok tourism guide.

Best Time to Visit Bangkok

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While Bangkok can be visited at any time of the year, the best time to visit is between December and February. The weather is a little cooler than in the Summer months. From May to October, the heavens open up with buckets of rain that can hamper your travel plans.

Things to Do in Bangkok

1. Visit the Grand Palace

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One of the most amazing Bangkok tourist places, the Grand Palace, was the royal residence for centuries. While the current King of Thailand does not stay here, most state functions and official ceremonies are held in the palace complex. You can witness the grandeur of gorgeous halls, majestic pavilions and vast lawns and courtyards. A part of the palace has even been converted into a museum. The complex houses the Wat Phra Kaeo, famous for the Emerald (Jade) Buddha.

Tip: Most sightseeing spots in Thailand are considered to be places of reverence by the locals. So, dress respectfully, i.e. by covering your arms and legs. Avoid sloppy attire to steer clear of invoking the ire of the locals.

2. Shop at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

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As the name suggests, the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is a market on boats. While mainly a Bangkok tourism spot, the market is reminiscent of the era when the capital was known as the ‘Venice of the East.’ Today, you can get fresh (and colourful) fruits and vegetables along with attractive souvenirs. The market has been featured in many famous Hollywood films.

Tip: While this is a prime location for photo-ops, the goods here tend to be overpriced. Either hone your bargaining skills before attempting to purchase something here or buy souvenirs at a lower price elsewhere.

3. Pay Homage at the Wat Traimit

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Famously known as the Temple of the Golden Buddha, the Wat Traimit is home to a majestic 5.5-ton solid gold statue of Gautama Buddha. The history of the statue is intriguing. It was earlier hidden under a coating of plaster to prevent it from being stolen. It was only years later that the plaster was chipped off, revealing the golden statue’s glory underneath during new temples’ construction.

4. Relax with a Thai Massage

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You can’t visit Thailand and refrain from getting their world-famous Thai massages. Developed over thousands of years, it involves gentle pressure and stretching techniques. It offers multiple benefits like lowering stress, relieving headaches, boosting energy and improving circulation.

Tip: If you’re staying in a homestay or hotel, you can ask your hosts for directions to legit massage parlours.

5. Savour the Delicious Street Food

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The proper way to explore the richness of any country is through its food. While you have multiple restaurants and hotels that cater to specific cuisines, street food brings out the best Thai food. Some must-have mouth-watering dishes include the Pad See Eiw, Pad Kra Pao, Som Tam, Khao Kha Moo and Guay Teow. Vegetarians will find gorging on the Poh Pia Tod and Massaman Gai delightful. Those with a sweet tooth should not miss the Kao Niew Ma Muang and Kluay Tod.

Tips While Planning Your Trip

1. Keep your Trip Plan in One Place

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Planning an international trip requires multiple things to look after — from booking flight tickets to preparing your travel itinerary to buy insurance. The digibank travel  by DBS App helps you do all this in one place. It even makes travel safer with seamless digital transactions do not have to exchange cash with other vendors.

2. Create a Budget

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One Thai Baht (the currency of Thailand) is equivalent to 2-3 Indian rupees. So, while calculating your holiday budget, it’s essential to account for the currency differences and keep a higher buffer amount. Here are some tips to prepare your vacation funds.

3. Use Public Transport

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Thailand has an excellent public transport system which includes Taxis, the Metro, Ferries and more. Like most countries, travelling via the Metro (Skytrain) is straightforward, and it offers a smooth journey. The Skytrain even provides a great view of the city. Make a note of the nearest stations to the places to visit in Bangkok.

Tip: Prep-up your bargaining skills and make sure you watch out for Taxi scams if you plan on hiring a cab to move around.

Now that you’ve created your checklist, it’s time to start checking off everything you need to do before starting your trip. What else have you included in your Bangkok tour?



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