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5 Best Places To Visit In Ooty


Ooty, popularly known as the “Queen of the Hills, “is a quaint resort town in the Western Ghats mountains in Tamil Nadu. Initially, a tribal land occupied by the Toda tribe turned into a summer resort during the British Raj. Ooty still retains a working steam railway line, Stone House, and Stephen’s church which hark back to colonial times. Situated in the Nilgiris biosphere, Ooty has a very fragile ecosystem, which has been preserved with a lot of attention and care. There are a variety of places to visit in Ooty. Nature walks in breathtaking gardens, exploring tea plantations, and taking in the beauty of the many lakes and historical buildings make Ooty the perfect, all-in-one vacation package. With these top things to do in Ooty, your next holiday will be the most amazing one! Live More Zone has curated a list of best places to visit in Ooty just for you. Check it out!

Places To visit in Ooty

1. Ride the toy train

In 1908, the British built the Nilgiri mountain railway line, and it relies on its fleet of steam locomotives to date. In 2005, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience riding the toy train through the lush greenery and beautiful landscapes. You have a selection of seats in the first- and second-class compartments and can easily pre-book a spot on the train. This is one of the toptourist places in Ooty. 

2. Visit the beautiful lakes

Emerald Lake, Bellikkal Lake, Ooty Lake, Avalanche Lake, Pykara Lake, Kamaraj Sagar, and Upper Bhavani Lake are a few of the must-visit lakes Ooty. These water bodies not only contribute to the scenic beauty but are also a factor in keeping the fragile ecosystem and the lush greenery intact. So, plan a day where you laze around a gorgeous lake or indulge in some water sports like rowing. Lakes are some of the most popular places to visit in Ooty.

3. Plan a tour of historical buildings

St Stephen’s Church, Ootacamund Club, The Nilgiris Library, Stone House, and Adam’s Memorial Fountain are some of the top historical buildings and spots, some of which are remnants from British colonial times. These are also some of the most populartourist places in Ooty. Soak in the British architectural styles and educate yourself about the historical significance of each location. A sneak peek into a bygone era can be so enlightening and make you appreciate the importance of the place.

4. Take a stroll through gardens and parks

Gardens are some of thebest places to visit in Ooty. One of the most extensive rose gardens, The Government Rose Garden in Ooty, is a must-visit. Ooty Botanical Gardens is well-maintained and has thousands of varieties of exotic and indigenous plants. The Garden also boasts of a 20-million-year-old fossilized tree. Don’t forget to visit Deer Park, located near Ooty lake. It is home to several species of deer and other animals. Among places to visit in Ooty, gardens and parks are the most popular choice.

5. Visit the Tea Estate Viewpoint

Although there are mesmerizing views worldwide, the Tea Estate Viewpoint near Doddabetta peak is definitely worth the visit. Visiting a tea plantation is one of the most popular things to do in Ooty.  One can trek among the tea plants, check out the tea  processing activities, get educated about the tea culture, and finally be part of a tea tasting. As a bonus, you can also shop for your favourite tea leaves at the factory outlets along with other souvenirs.

Stays in Ooty

Ooty is a year-round destination and has a wide variety of accommodations. If you are looking for a luxury resort, then Sterling Ooty Fern Hill, Savoy, and WelcomHeritage Fernhills Royale Palace are some of the best resorts in Ooty. These resorts offer state-of-the-art facilities, amenities, and comfort. However, if you have a tighter budget, you can always opt for one of the many charming homestays in and around Ooty. You can opt for a homestay amidst the tea plantations, a hilltop, or a lake view house. Homestays in Ooty offer the same beautiful views as a hotel, but overall, it is a more personalised experience. Marlborough House and Kakkanad House Homestay are excellent options for great homestays in Ooty.

Food in Ooty

One should start their day with a cup of freshly brewed local tea as it is probably from one of the many tea plantations present in the area. Ooty also has an abundance of farm-fresh goodies such as strawberries, pears, and peaches. Hit up some of the local bakeries for freshly baked bread, pastries, and delicious homemade chocolate . Ooty offers cuisines worldwide, and most restaurants are multi-cuisine and offer North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Italian options. Items like dosa, vada and idli are readily available in food stalls on every street corner and popular in Ooty.

So, with this, we think we have finalized your next holiday destination. Ooty is abundant with natural beauty and has a rich cultural and historical significance. All the tourist places and things to do in Ooty makes it the perfect getaway. So, keep Ooty in mind while planning your next holiday to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul; if you would like to snag some cool discounts while travelling, visit Digibank Travel Now and check out their fantastic travel offers and discounts.



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