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Beautiful Places To Visit In Paris


“To know Paris is to know a great deal.” – Henry Miller

A city with odes, sonnets, and love letters are written in its praise, Paris is undoubtedly the most romantic city in the entire world. Whether it is a short summer trip  with your friends and family or a year abroad spent immersing yourself in Parisians’ cultural fiesta, travel to Parisis always memorable and worth it.

From long walks by the Seine to strolls in its quaint neighbourhoods peppered with cafes that serve the best pain au chocolat, there is a world just waiting for you in the Parisian corners. Of course, there is the famous Eiffel Tower that has seen many people profess their love, and then there are the quiet hidden gems with cobble streets and lamplights that have secrets and rendezvous of their own. When they say a Paris trip is forever etched in your memory, they say it for a reason and to discover it, and you have to experience it all on your own.

Whether you are travelling to the Fashion Capital for your maiden or nth trip, make sure you tick off these Paris tourist attractions. It is a city for lovers, but it is a city of love in all its beautiful, chaotic and messy form.

1. Places to visit and things to do à Paris on your next trip

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It doesn’t get more French than Paris, right? Why, yes, it doesn’t because the city oozes charm, enthusiasm and all things elegant. You will get plenty of guides on places to visit in Paris,but if you want to see only the selected few that will take your breath away and provide you solitude in the Parisian quarters, these should be on top of your list.

2. Roam around in the Latin Quarter

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When it comes to a charming, archaic place yet bursting with youthful energy, the Latin Quarter should be your first stop. Located on the Seine river’s left bank, Latin Quarter houses all the top universities of Paris. Thus, to cater to the young crowd who comes here to enlighten and educate themselves, you will find eclectic parties, hip restaurants and a neighbourhood that is never dull.

Among the top things to do in Paris,a walk down the Boulevard Saint Germain is a must. Soak in the artistic vibe of the place, stop at a brassiere or two for a drink or visit the places where Sartre, Hemingway and Camus used to have intellectual discussions back in the 1920s. This place is elevated in its romanticism with the very idea that famous poets, artists and intellectuals once walked these streets. Oh, and did we mention tiny beautiful bookstores and boutiques dotting the Latin Quarter’s streets? Because it does, and these are simply unmissable.

3. Soak in the charms of Old Paris at Montmartre

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Famous for the Basilica of Sacré Coeur and Moulin Rouge theatre, the old village of Montmartre is a place apart and takes you in an alternate reality. Complete with winding lanes, art museums , old-fashioned windmills and trees, this place is bursting with an energy reminiscent of the bygone era. Of course, this is also because Montmartre used to be separate from Paris till 1860.

Thus, if you desire to envelope yourself in the archaic charms of the French Capital, don’t miss out on Montmartre. Start from the Basilica, which has been built in the distinctive Italian Byzantine style. Again, this monument is visible from most parts of the city and makes for a definite stop.

4. Sit back and relax at the Luxembourg Garden

Luxembourg Garden – Live More Zone

There are many parks in Paris, but what sets Luxembourg Garden apart is its sprawling 60 acres of a colourful cornucopia of beautiful flowers and lush greenery. There are benches at strategic places where you can sit back and read your book or take a stroll and click Insta-worthy pictures. With so many flowers and different spots, you would be spoilt for choice.

There is also a pool where children can play and plenty of open-air cafes if you feel famished.

5. Go for a cruise along the Seine river

Seine river – Live More Zone

Flowing right through the centre of Paris, the gorgeous and stunning Seine river is the epitome of love for a reason. It is considered the heart of Paris, with beautiful neighbourhoods, flanked on both the banks and an amicable crowd of locals making you feel welcome in this beautiful city.

You can either go on a short cruise and admire the structures and monuments surrounding the river or indulge in a bit of shopping from Les bouquinistes or the dealers of secondhand books . The joy in visiting any place is interacting with these locals who have been here the longest and know the city by heart. Plus, you can peruse through their collection of pre-loved books and take back a souvenir for yourself or your loved ones. 

Just like it happened in the Regency era, you can also allow yourself an evening of promenade in the Parc Rive de Seines, a beautiful pedestrian-only park near the river that stretches from Place de la Bastille to the Eiffel Tower. As the sun goes down, you can spend an evening dancing and relish the local cuisine in a river-side barge. Of course, the evening glow hits different when you are in Paris, so make sure you don’t return to your hotel early.

6. Get a bird’s eye view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower – Live More Zone

Last but certainly never the least, Eiffel Tower may be one of the most famous places to visit in Paris, but it is still, without a doubt, romantic as well. Standing tall at 325 meters, the Eiffel Tower has long been an emblem of Parisian culture and tourism. Of course, there are various vantage points from which you can soak in the grandeur and allure of this towering structure, but nothing beats the thrill and bliss of getting a bird’s eye view of the entire city of Paris from the highest observation deck.

There are several restaurants, bars and a skating rink on the first floor of the tower where you can sit and relax as you let the feeling and exhilaration of being inside the tower sink in.

Just a handy tip for your Paris tour, make sure you book your tickets to visit the tower or dine in at the restaurants in advance as it is always busy and unavailable.

7. When should you travel to Paris?

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The short answer for the best time to travel to Paris is all through the year because the city looks splendid in every season. However, the most parfait time to take a vacation to this dreamy city is between June to August and September to October. You can decide when you want to travel based on your preference of seasons as fall, spring, and winter have their alluring charm. Avoid summers, though, as the heat can be harsh, and it is when the city gets too crowded.

8. Things to keep in mind while planning your Paris trip

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Chart out your itinerary, book hotels based on your budget and figure out what comes at the top when visiting the city. For some people, the famous Shakespeare Book and Companymight be at the top. For others, it is about ticking off all the popular attractions. Decide the thing you want to do, and then plan accordingly. Look at the season and the availability of tickets at a reasonable price and book everything months in advance, if possible.

Don’t forget to check out all the new rules and regulations because of COVID-19 and plan around it. Whether you need to compare hotels or flights’ prices, research on best attractions, check out Travel Now by digibank  for all your woes. There are also exclusive offers running right now that might intrigue you and save you money.



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