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Best Places To Visit In Turkey


If you’re looking to visit a country that’s the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, one that offers some of the best cuisine in the world, as well as scenery from mountains to beaches , it may just be time to plan a trip to Turkey. Historically, the nation has captured the attention of some of the world’s most prominent travellers — from poets to warriors to intellectuals and religious  leaders.

Today, the country has kept that tradition alive, becoming one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. On a trip to Turkey, you could instantly forget what century you’re in, as historical buildings  line every street, from mosques to museums. There are so many places to visit in Turkey, and it could take even the most seasoned tourist a few months to see them all.

On the other hand, the country also boasts of some of the youngest population in the world, as well as vast stretches of Mediterranean beach to keep the party going for days. So, no matter what kind of vacation you’re looking for — whether it’s a family trip or with a group of friends, or even a solo holiday  — Turkey is a must-visit.

In case you’re planning a trip there to celebrate the eventual end of the pandemic, here’s the ultimate travel guide for Turkey. Also, wait. Don’t want to travel every part of your itinerary – digibank Travel has you sorted with a host of features from travel issuance to flight bookings. Check it out here .

Best Time To Visit Turkey

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It’s never honestly a lousy time to visit Turkey, but some months are better than others, depending on where your interests lie. Suppose you’re looking to take long walks to appreciate the ancient and grand structures that line this beautiful country. In that case, you’ll want to travel in the Spring and Autumn months (April, May, September, and October), where temperatures hover around 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.

The Summer months that follow Spring are often quite sweltering, but the ideal weather to spend some time in the south of the country, enjoying Mediterranean coastlines, pools, and of course, the famous Turkey food.

If you’re looking for a more low-key vacation, away from the tourist rush, then the Autumn and Winter months could be the best time to visit Turkey. The crowds are much thinner, while the weather is mild, seeing as Turkey rarely sees below freezing temperatures. Like Cappadocia, light snowfall is not an uncommon experience in some parts, but that just makes for another beautiful backdrop on your trip to Turkey.

Places To Visit In Turkey

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Owing to the country’s rich history, Turkey is jam-packed with some of the gorgeous monuments in humanity’s history. The buildings here are sure to transport you back in time while the cuisine will have you praising Turkey food for years to come. In between beaches, mountains, and surreal panoramas, you can be sure every minute country’s cultural capital globally, your Turkey trip will be an exciting one.

1. Hagia Sophia

Travel to the Hagia Sophia building if you’re looking to take in sight as you’ve never seen before. Often regarded as the most beautiful building globally, this mosque is one of the top places to visit in Istanbul, its cultural capital

2. Ephesus

Travel down to the Ephesus, a city of colossal ruins and marble columned roads that’ll take you back in time to the Roman empire.

3. Valleys of Cappadocia

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Another place on the list of best places to visit in Turkey is the surreal rock valleys of Cappadocia. Home to the famous hot air balloon festival, this valley is a favourite of photographers worldwide, owing to its wave-like rock formations. It’s a scene right out of the Byzantine era and offers some of the most modern luxuries known to man — what more could you ask for?

4. Beaches in Turkey

When you’re done checking out the mainland, it’s time to spend a day by a beach, head down to the south of the country for the most beautiful Mediterranean coastline you’ll ever see. Whether you decide to explore with a book on a white beach or opt for a yacht cruise  along the shoreline, you’ll soon see why this is one of the best places to visit in Turkey. Meanwhile, the sheltered inlet of Ölüdeniz offers both beautiful turquoise blue water and white sand beaches that are hard to come by anywhere else in the world.

What to eat in Turkey?

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No matter what cuisine you’re into, you can be sure that there’s something about Turkey food that’ll have you coming back for more. From thousands of different kebabs and koftas to desserts that’ll have your mouth watering, it’s truly a food lover’s paradise. Sample some street food delights like Leblebi, which is made of white chickpeas, or the bagel shaped Simit, or alternatively opt for a fine dining experience, where you can sample some of the best Meze platters in the world, and you’ll soon see why.



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