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An Ultimate Guide To Plan Your Trip To Maldives


The Maldives has been on the “bucket list” for many tourists around the globe. The country is known for its pristine beaches , turquoise water, endless sunshine, breathtaking coral reefs and gorgeous over-water villas. Home to over 1000 reef fringed islands also has some of the world’s best beaches. A trip to the Maldives, floating on a Maldives beach’s crystal-clear waters, gorging on tropical dishes – there are many things to do in the Maldives. The magic of the place will surely capture your hearts and create memories of a lifetime. In the Maldives, time stands still—and yet there is never a dull moment.

1. Best Time To Visit the Maldives and How to Reach

 Best time to visit the Maldives – Live More Zone

There is no one best time to visit the Maldives as it tourist-friendly throughout the year. It is warm and sunny throughout the year but consists of the dry and rainy seasons, so almost all year round is the best time to visit the Maldives. The optimal time to take a trip to the Maldives is December-April. The rain in the Maldives is usually short-lived. However, you might end up getting some fantastic value offers.

Male, the capital of Maldives, is very well connected to a lot of international cities. You can straightaway take a flight to the Maldives. After you arrive at Male International Airport, you can reach your destination island via domestic flight, seaplane or speedboat. From India, you can embark on a cruise trip to the Maldives starting from Mumbai.

2. Places to visit in Maldives / Things to Do in the Maldives

  • Explore the capital- Male

Male capital  – Live More Zone

While you plan to take a trip to the Maldives, don’t forget to explore Male’s capital city.

There is a lot to explore here, including the heritage buildings, museums, and colourful and lively shopping streets. Also, don’t forget to relish the local cuisine and pick up your souvenirs from the markets.

  • Snorkeling in the Maldives

Snorkelling in the Maldives – Live More Zone

Once a sleepy tiny island, Maafushi Island is now one of the country’s most popular local islands and boasts of being a beautiful Maldives beach. The underwater coral gardens of Maafushi is home to some beautiful and colourful marine life, including manta rays, green sea turtles and some other species of exotic fishes.

As you snorkel along, you might also experience swimming and the whitetip sharks and whale sharks which are very common in this area.

  • Enjoy Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cruise in the Maldives  – Live More Zone

A trip to the Maldives is incomplete without a sunset cruise . Speak to the local vendors available and take this one-hour long boat ride during sunset. This is probably one of the best ways to enjoy the breathtaking sunset as you sail on the serene waters. If you are lucky enough, you might spot a few dolphins, too, while cruising. 

  • Island hopping tour

Island hopping tour  – Live More Zone

The Maldives is home to some of the most untouched beaches, adding up to more than 1000 islands in total. In fact, with Maldives beaches being a solid tourist attraction, visiting its islands and beaches has to figure on your list.

One of the best things to do in the Maldives is to go on an island-hopping tour. Choose between South or North Male. In the Southern Atoll, you get to visit Maafushi and Guli islands. Maafushi also acts as a launching pad for day trips to deserted atolls and quieter islands like Dhanbidhoo, Kalhaidhoo and Isdhoo. In the Northern Atoll, you can visit Hulhumale, Dhiffushi and Himmafushi. 

  • Glowing beach on Vaadhoo Island

Glowing beach on Vaadhoo Island  – Live More Zone

Another unmissable thing to do in the Maldives is to visit the Vaadhoo islands. By night, see the ocean sparkle like the stars as the planktons light up the waters. This phenomenon is known as bioluminescence, which is exhibited by the free-floating microscopic planktons. The water appears blue and shining due to this bioluminescence phenomenon of the sea on Maldives beach.

  • Stay in an overwater villa

Overwater villa  – Live More Zone

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can indulge in while on a trip to the Maldives. Choose from the wide range of overwater villas available in various luxury resorts there. The luxurious and tastefully decorated water villas are designed to offer the ultimate luxury, comfort and privacy. You can spot some magnificent marine life swimming right under the glass bottom floor of your overwater villa, or you can even jump straight into the sea from your balcony! These villas are not cheap, but if you are up for that once-in-a-lifetime experience, these are worth it.

  • Enjoy water sports and other activities

Water sports in the Maldives  – Live More Zone

The Southern Atolls are mostly filled with dive sites and are famous for snorkelling and scuba, making it an essential part of your trip to the Maldives. In the Northern Atolls, you’ll find white sandy shores and killer swells, making it a surf favourite.

You can enjoy a wide range of water activities here, including snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, water skiing, jet-ski, flyboarding, kayaking and even sky diving. The stunning marine life can only be experienced if you are ready to take the plunge into the ocean, while in other activities, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire archipelago and the azure waters.

3. Travel tips while planning the trip

Travel tips for the Maldives  – Live More Zone

  • Ferries need to be planned in advance
  • Carry USD. Even though they have their currency, USD is accepted all over.
  • Don’t carry alcohol into the country. Being a Muslim country, it is not allowed. However, alcohol is served in private resorts.
  • Pack light clothes and do not forget the sunscreen as a trip to the Maldives is incomplete without going outdoors.
  • Carry water-resistant cases for your phones and cameras.
  • Compare prices online for water activities.
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