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List Of Safest Countries For Women Travelers


We strongly believe one of the genuinely liberating things an individual can do is to take a solo trip  at least once in their lifetime. And women, in particular, can indeed find the experience exquisitely freeing; what with the years of conditioning that has deemed them incapable of existing without depending on another human being (read, a man), that it can, in a way, feel path-breaking.  

Like many things, making a solo trip as a woman is not the easiest thing to pull off, unfortunately—one of the primary reasons being safety. So, to make it easier for you, we’ve curated a list of the safest countries for women to travel to by themselves. So that you can be completely carefree and have the absolute best time of your life, that’s not all. Make sure you check out digibank travel  that will make your planning process truly simple and easy. Whether you need to book tickets or need travel insurance, digibank travel has something for every traveller type.

1. Spain

Spain – Live More Zone

According to a statistical analysis report, Spain  is considered the safest country for women to travel alone, particularly in street safety, legal discrimination, and attitude towards women’s issues. To make this case formal, most of the cabinet seats in Spain are occupied by women, and the country is on its way towards neutralising gender parity. 

Those who thrive in arts and culture can get so much out of a solo trip in Spain – walking and enjoying the architecture while at it. Some places to put on your must-visit list when travelling to Spain are Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville. 

The people and lifestyle are super chill and laidback here – so if you’ve been slogging away at work, Spain can be the perfect getaway. 

2. Denmark 

Denmark  – Live More Zone

Denmark is one of the top recommended countries for women travellers looking to go solo – no wonder it is known as the happiest country in the world! Incredibly safe, Denmark indeed provides a stunning view for all you beautiful ladies out there no matter which time of the year you choose to go. Copenhagen, the capital city, is home to many royal palaces, the beautiful Nyhavn harbour, the iconic ‘Little Mermaid’ statue, and the Tivoli Gardens, which hosts the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in July, which sees over 2,50,000 attendees each year. 

3. Singapore 

Singapore  – Live More Zone

If hawkers markets and sumptuous local Asian street food are your jam, then Singapore  will be right up your alley. Don’t forget to try the chilly crab – one of the most popular dishes in Singapore. You can enjoy wanton soups, Malaysian Lontong curry as well as Laksa – another crowd favourite. 

The vibe of Singapore is super chill and vibrant. The nightlife is pretty dope and is known to be very safe for women; the use of street signs is extensive, and the streets are secure, so you can let your solo traveller heart explore to its full glory! 

4. New Zealand 

New Zealand  – Live More Zone

Love the outdoors? Nature lover? Fan of Lord of the Rings? Well, then you cannot possibly pick a destination more ideal than New Zealand! Considered the fourth safest country according to a study by the Institute for Economics & Peace, New Zealand has a variety of different terrains to offer for those adventurous at heart. 

The country is essentially made up of two islands – the North island comprises active volcanoes, colourful lakes, and stunning beaches ; the South, on the other hand, features an entirely different terrain – think snowy mountain peaks, glaciers and oceans full of whales & seals! 

5. Ireland 

Ireland  – Live More Zone

Ranked as the third safest country in the world for women, Ireland is perfect for you if you want a mix of nature walks as well as party scenes on your solo trip. Ireland is known for its people’s super warm & friendly demeanour, so they will make you feel welcome in no time. The landscapes the country offers are beautiful, so driving through the mountains is something you should plan for and let the view take your breath away.  

Plus, not to forget this is the land that is famous for its whiskey. Brownie points to you if you land up on St. Patrick’s Day! Not a whiskey person? Well, the renowned beer label Guinness finds its home in Ireland too. So, no better place than an Irish pub to guzzle down some beers after a long drive along the mountains, eh? 

6. Switzerland 

Switzerland  – Live More Zone

Head to Switzerland to enjoy the snow-covered Swiss Alps’ stunning views and gorge on some yummy Swiss chocolates & cheese. We’re fanatics of both, and trust us when we say there’s nothing quite like the Swiss variants.  

When you feel you’ve overdosed enough on chocolates & cheese, take time out to enjoy this country that is so full of cultural diversity and offers a wide variety of scenic views. As a solo traveller, we would recommend staying at a hostel with other fellow travellers such as yourself – in such places you will always find some activities being organised for you to take part in. Plus, the community feeling of being in a hostel is unlike anything else, particularly in a strange country. Go for walking and culture tours during the daytime and head out for a pub crawl in the evening with your new buds! 



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