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7 Best Staycation Ideas For Budget Friendly Vacation


Among the many setbacks of 2020, not being able to travel has hit the hardest given how we human beings cannot live without taking a trip every once in a while. If the lockdowns foiled your plans of laying around in homestays in a far-off location, fret not because who says you need to travel to have a staycation? There are plenty of activities that you can do to vacation at home or nearby. From exploring your neighborhood to merely setting up at-home spa and movie nights, there are a plethora of staycation ideas that will help you make memorable experiences even in a year that hasn’t gone as per plans.

Ready to do ditch vacation homes and deck up your home for that perfect staycation at home? Jot down these ideas that will save you money without compromising on the experience.

1. Do A Movie Night With Your Friends and Family

Movie Night – Live More Zone

Whether you do a re-run of all the sappy and cozy Christmas movies (I know, I am doing it) or catch the next binge-watchable show on Netflix, make sure you do a movie night. Invite your closest friends and family members, if possible and get those kernels popping. There is no staycation at home without great food. Whip up everything your squad loves, decorate your living room and put off the lights for the full effect.

2. Do A House Swap For A Weekend With A Friend

House swap – Live More Zone

Yes, if you love the idea of doing something adventurous and out of the ordinary, do a Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz like switch. Of course, of your own house with a friend, you know in the same or different city. This saves up money on lodging when you are on holiday and gives you a new perspective and experience to look forward to, during your stay. Start calling your friends and fixing up a weekend, right away.

3. Go On A Food Walk In Your City

Food Walk – Live More Zone

Or wine and beer tasting sesh in all the bars and restaurants of your city. When it comes to staycations, food is one of the most important reason a lot of us travel (me, included). Thus, on your vacation at home, you should make up a list of all the places you have been yearning to visit and go check them out. Ask your friends or family to accompany you and make a cafe-cum-bar-hopping day of it.

4. Go Amidst Nature And Reconnect With Your Roots

Reconnects with your roots – Live More Zone

Take a day trip to a nearby adventure park, hill or even a lake. Even if you don’t have any such places nearby, go to a park and walk barefoot. A day dedicated to hiking, trekking or just going for a nature walk is all the therapy one needs. If possible, catch the sunset from a high point and consider your staycation successful.

5. Plan A Picnic In The Backyard

Plan a Picnic – Live More Zone

Bake bread, cook up the most delicious meal and make freshly squeezed juice for your picnic basket. Dress up and spread a sheet in the backyard or head to a park if you can and enjoy an afternoon in the sun. Picnics are underrated, and staycations should be complete with this single, sweet, and homely activity. Whether you are in a different location or at home, make it a point to have a picnic at least once a month.

6. Pitch A Tent (H2)

Pitch a tent – Live More Zone

If a picnic is not what you have in mind, you can always do the next daring and adventurous thing – pitch a tent and camp. Whether you do it in a national park near your house or the backyard, the point is to expend sweat and energy on pitching that tent and sleeping outdoors. Maybe watch the starry-sky and have a barbecue before you doze off to sleep.

7. Host A Cooking Sesh And Dinner Night

Cooking Night – Live More Zone

Cook up a lavish meal for your friends and family. And if you want to make a night out of it, host a cooking class. Ask everyone to pitch one recipe that they will teach everyone and get backing or cooking. Attending cooking classes in a different city is a thing at staycations, so why not do it at home? You will bond with your friends and learn what everyone makes best. And maybe become a culinary genius yourself.

When it comes to planning a staycation, you need to do something fun, adventurous, relaxing, or straightforward. All of it depends on your mood and what your friends and family look forward to the most. The bottom line is to take that much-needed break you need. Of course, in this case, without breaking your budget and just focusing on making memories. After all, the best staycation ideas are different for everyone. Think of all the things you would love to do and plan your vacation accordingly.


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