20 April 2021 | 4 min read

How To Travel On A Budget – 5 Budget Travel Tips


Dreaming about travelling to new and offbeat destinations  but feel that it will dent your pocket? Don’t fret because we have the perfect solution for you. After all, the first step for going on a vacation is to have enough money to go on one. So, whether you want to take a safari at national parks abroad or just chill at the beach, you will have to create a budget travel plan so that you do not overspend your money.

From stay options to restaurants that you must visit, a budget trip needs to have everything allocated. To do this compellingly, a budget tracker and some intelligent financial decision can help you travel to new destinations without denting your monthly budget or creating excessive credit card debt.

Below are a few tips that you should follow if you want to travel on a budget and discover new destinations at least once a year. Excited? Let’s go.

Tips For Travelling On A Budget

1. Plan your trip as early as possible so that you can take advantage of lower-cost bookings

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Everyone has dreamed about hopping on a plane to escape to a quiet, relaxing place that will take them away from their hectic lifestyle. But running from reality is only enjoyable when you can make travel booking without any stress. Money is not an issue, and other responsibilities at work and home are taken care of, so you do not have to stress about it on your vacation.

To achieve this goal, plan your itinerary and look for resort options so that you do not have to settle for last-minute deals. Planning your trip during lean travel periods will help you save money on your travel booking. The best way to achieve this goal is to save a little money every month to not end up with debt on your credit card or take a loan for your travel. Keeping a small amount every month is one of the simplest and easiest ways to make your budget trip a reality.

2. Create categories in a budget trip to track different expenses like food, travel, etc.

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Each destination requires an additional amount of money – for example, a safari at a national park in Africa will cost very different from a trip to Vegas. To get an accurate idea of how much money you need for a vacation, it is important to budget a journey, and the simplest way to do this is through a budget travel app or Excel. To do this, divide up your travel expenditure into categories that require funds, like travel booking, lodging, food, airfare, activity costs and souvenirs.

PS – Remember that the money that you spend might be different from the actual amount, but these trackers can act as a good guide.

3. Go on a Volunteer Vacation

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If you don’t mind contributing to a cause as a part of your travel experience, a volunteer vacation might just be your ticket to budget travel. While you will still have to arrange money for your airfare/railway tickets, many volunteer organizations  are open to paying for lodging, food, travel within the destination and even provide you with the opportunity to enjoy some cultural activities.

Whether you are going international or on a local destination, check for volunteer-based vacations in the destination you want to go to during your trip. Some organizations that offer volunteer vacations include SPITI Ecosphere. In Himachal Pradesh, Fertile Ground in Assam, Sikkim Homestay, SECMOL in Ladakh, Jammu, Kashmir, and SSTCN in Chennai Tamil Nadu, among others. Refer to their website for more details.

4. If you plan to fly, be smart about your options

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Travelling on a budget is a simple affair if you are smart about your choices, especially if you plan to fly to your destination. Flight tickets are much cheaper on weekdays, especially on a Tuesday – this will also mean shorter queues at the airport. If you are not going international, always choose economy tickets as they will help you save money that you can spend on accommodation and food. If you are up to it, low-cost budget airlines are also an option.

5. Be smart about your money

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A budget trip is all about being smart with the money you have. And this is not just when you are planning your trip but also while you are on that trip. Always carry your money in a few forms – diversify your money so you can hold as little cash as possible. Instead, take a debit card so that you can withdraw cash only when you need it. Nowadays, almost all restaurants and transport services, including cabs, have digital payment options, thereby reducing your need for money.

Of course, following the basics is also essential – don’t walk through unreliable neighborhoods at night, don’t carry around a lot of cash. If you have any valuables with you, make use of hostel lockers and safes. After all, safety above all – just like digibank by DBS, which has been awarded Asia’s safest bank for 12 consecutive years. Check them out here.



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