30 November 2020 | 5 min read

7 Tips On How To Work While Traveling


The nomad way of life let alone working like one is unbeknownst to the masses. Of course, all of this changed, and our lives took a 360-degree turn in a year that will go down in history – 2020. With coronavirus still coming in waves, work from home became the norm, and we had to adjust our lives accordingly. This gave birth to what digital nomads are already well-abreast with – work from home (or really, anywhere).

While work remotely can be useful, it is work while travelling that can become a problem if one doesn’t know how to strike a balance. If you are also struggling with work and travel (whether it is for personal or professional reasons), we have curated a handy guide as to how you can work while being on the road.

Benefits of Working Remotely

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Before we embark on the subtle pointers of remote work travel and how to do it effectively, let us dish out why this arrangement is beneficial to us. First and foremost is when you work remotely, you save up on the commute time. At least half of the population in every city spends hours commuting to and from their job location.

Apart from this, there is the idea of extended getaways and longer staycations in far-off hills. Instead of short weekend trips, you can now login for work on Monday morning right from where you are vacationing. No stress of leaving on Sunday night and going for work groggy-eyed, right?

Last but not least, with this work from home setup, we can quickly try and squeeze in time for our hobbies, ourselves, and our families. You can work from your native place with just a laptop, internet and the comfort and warmth of your folks and be there for them. All of this leads to a boost in productivity which is ultimately what truly matters. If you have been staying at home and have been toying with the idea of travel while working remotely, follow these steps and you will ace this lifestyle of digital nomads world over.

When it comes to the question of how to work while travelling, you need to take care of the internet and your workload. Striking that work-life balance is of utmost importance as with no login log-off time, the line between professional and personal space can be easily blurred. Also, try to tick off these things whenever you plan to hit the road.

Ways to Manage Work While Travelling

1. Have a strong internet connection at your destination

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This goes without saying. Whether you are planning a staycation in a homestay or just planning to wander solo frequenting hostels, always ensure there will be strong wifi.

2. Travel to offbeat places and in the off-season

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This will not only help you save money but also give you the time and space to explore a new destination that is not swarmed by tourists now and then.

3. Invest in a good laptop, headphone, and other electronics

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Make sure your laptop is sturdy and perfect for gallivanting across the globe. Buy a noise-cancelling headphone if you are planning to work while you are mid-air or road. And don’t forget about the adapters in case you are flying internationally. Plan when it comes to your life on the road and makes sure you have all the electronics that you will need for your remote work travel. Check out digibank by DBS for its lucrative offers on various electronics. You can redeem all of it on the debit cards.

4. Track your productivity time and work through it

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Not everyone has the same productivity time, and since you are working from home, you can set your times depending on your team. If you work on the Pomodoro method, stick to it. Or if you know your best hours are between 10-2 in the day, don’t commute during those hours and hunker down in your room to finish the tasks.

5. Always be upfront to about your scheduled meetings

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This helps in transparency and building trust. If you have multiple clients, be mindful of their time zones and work ethics. Always be upfront about the deadlines and be available for your team members and employers. This will ensure a smooth transition from your home to your travel work life.

6. Have stationary on you all the time

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Notepads, pens, pencils, and sticky notes, whatever it is you usually work with when you are in office or home, make sure you carry it all with you when you travel. This will help you track your productivity and be on top of your task list.

7. Don’t forget to explore the hidden attractions of the place

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When you have successfully shortlisted your destination to stay at, make sure you explore every inch of it. This is the entire point of working while travelling. You get time to do activities in the evening you wouldn’t have imagined if you were living in the metropolis. This is why when you travel and work, stick to a place for at least a week or two and discover its magic.

That’s it. These are the simple and practical steps to manage a kind of digital nomadic life which we all want. With this work from home situation, we get to live it.



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