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#OffbeatTravelGems – Travel Ideas For Every Type Of Traveler


Sometimes you need to get away to have a good time. Whether it is to step away from the hustle and bustle of noise in the big city, or just a chance to gain new experiences, these travel ideas are hand-picked for all the different types of travelers. The best part – with so many offbeat and popular destinations, already present in India, there is no dearth of opportunities here.

Go tick off all these places from your list.

1. The Goat Village In Uttarakhand

The Goat Village In Uttarakhand - Live More Zone

For those who want to enjoy a slice of rural life

The Goat Village is a collection of quaint farm stays and homestays, that is committed to engaging in a holistic attitude to the environment and the local practices of its various Uttrakhand retreats. Each location practices goat farming incorporates solar-power resources, employs and educates the local staff {farmers, guides, and admin}, and encourages you to partake in rural agriculture. The lodging is made in the traditional local style, with views of the mountains.

The food is locally-grown and made fresh. There is little to no electricity, no wifi, and they also follow a low-waste policy. Are you ready to break away from your screen dependency and immerse yourself in a meaningful experience?

Tip – If you are coming from Delhi, we recommend you book a Zoomcar as the roads here is truly scenic and memorable.

Price: INR 2250 per night {approx}

2. White Peak, Uttrakhand

White Peak, Uttrakhand - Live More Zone

For those who love animals

This boutique Himalayan homestay in the little hamlet of Gagar in Uttrakhand is a fairytale cottage. Let’s paint a picture: you’re surrounded by oak and rhododendron forests that are a bird-watchers paradise, with views of the Panchachuli peaks in the distance, and the comforting smells of nourishing home-cooked food – this homestay is everything for somebody/somebodies looking for a dip into quietude and nature.

But that’s not all – as they say: they’re not only pet-friendly, they’re pet-loving. There are trails to go on lovely walks with your furry friend, and all the amenities to have home-cooked meals made for your pooch too.

Price: INR 4000 for the full 2-bedroom cottage, inclusive of meals

3. Suryagarh Jaisalmer

Suryagarh Jaisalmer - Live More Zone

For a slice of opulent luxury

If you are most comfortable when steeped in luxury and decadence, then make your way to a magical desert experience. The five-star resort echoes the royal design of the Amer Palace from which its architecture has been inspired, but the comparison doesn’t end there.

Between attending warrior combat classes to attending their Breakfast with Peacocks, the entire hotel experience revolves around your royal treatment. Whether you prefer languorously spending your days at the spa or catching your lover’s eye through the many jharonkas across the 3-level courtyard, Suryagarh property has something for every luxury traveler. Also, if you have time on your hand, you cannot go wrong with a road trip across the state – make sure you book a Zoomcar to reach your destination with ease.

4. Zostel Udaipur

Zostel Udaipur - Live More Zone

For those who prefer budget-travel

Lakeside views, pocket-friendly accommodation, and plenty of stroll-friendly bylanes to dip into for coffee or vegan beverages. Udaipur caters to a crowd happy to take things slow, whether that be a walk by the lake, a sunset boat ride, or a lazy lunch overlooking the waters.

Starting to see a pattern? The city of lakes is imbued with a nonchalant flow, and a cool AC room at a hostel doesn’t make it any less the sweeter. This Zostel property is strategically located to the main chowk and a lake, and the rooftop views are stunning. All in all, it makes for a relatively affordable {and romantic, if you wish it} getaway.

Price: INR 800 a night {approx}

5. House of Kapaali

House of Kapaali - Live More Zone

For those who yearn for some solitude and peace

Looking to get away, but you can’t quite justify a long-ish journey on your already fried nerves? This boutique BnB in Noida is tucked away in a lush green corner with an outdoor patio and a big deck dedicated to yoga classes.

From organic bathroom products and orthopedic mattresses to the organically farmed produce and stocked mini-bar, the House of Kapaali is all about achieving the balance of enjoyment and physical nourishment. The yoga classes are adjusted to your skill level and taught by either Mansi, who is a qualified Yoga Alliance teacher, or by Narinder, who attended a gurukul that incorporated yoga and led him to become a national-level kabaddi player. Those looking for a profound experience during a hectic lifestyle: come here.

Price: INR 5000 per night

Have you planned your getaway yet?

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