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Travel Trends In 2021


If 2020 taught us anything, it was to hold on to every moment and make the most of it. This, of course, includes traveling and exploring new destinations. Whether you were an ardent backpacker who was out and about every few weeks or someone who loved the luxurious getaways once or twice in a year, last year robbed us of it all.

And if you have rightly learned your lesson and have sworn to travel as far as you can and as often as you can, knowing all the travel trends of 2021 is a given. With the dynamic travel goals of people and prospects of tourism in India, having the right information will benefit you in the long run.
Here are a few emerging trends in tourism that you should be aware of:

1. Socially distant travel will be the norm for some time

Socially distant travel – Live More Zone

The gigantic shift in people’s perspective regarding traveling happened because of the virus; thus, the one fundamental change everyone will notice is socially distant trips. No more huddling together or ignoring safety norms iYOLO’se garb as tour agencies and travel companies will be marketing itineraries with activities and experiences that will focus on lesser people. People will be inclined to head to places and opt for the airline, hotels where the safety and sanitization norms are followed. All of this will go on, till the paranoia over the virus subsides.

2. It will be the year of long staycations

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Both travelers and tourists will either stay home or go for week-long (and more) vacations, also known as staycations. By default, this will lead to an increase in the revenues of homestays and hostels that are already curating to people who have been staying for weeks at a destination. Whether you decide to lounge by the beach or watch a stunning sunset in the mountains, you can do it all and for several days subsequently.

3. Travel experts and agents will be relied upon

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From tour agencies who are well-abreast with a destination to travel bloggers who are on the go and have the latest insights on a specific place and activity, all of them will become your guides in this year of unprecedented traveling with masks, sanitizers, and all the safety measures in place. Make sure you pick a few of them and keep yourself updated and well-informed before heading to any destination.

4. Digital nomads will be more and workstations will be preferred

Digital Nomads – Live More Zone

9 to 5 workweeks might not come back entirely as companies all around the world have realized that we just need wifi and the right amount of time to get the job done, location is damned! This is why hotels worldwide are cashing on this opportunity and creating sustainable alternatives for more extended stays of people who want to live that digital nomad life. Stay in your favorite destination for a couple of months, work and rejoice, and then shift bases. From a strong internet connection to your daily meals, all of it is sorted with beautiful sunsets, a sense of community with fellow travelers, and frequent hikes in nature.

5. Tech-savvy options would be preferred in travel

Contactless travel was on the rise before the pandemic as many companies were moving to digital methods. This is one of the travel trends that will determine the decisions of tourists and travelers the world over. From contactless payment options to an app that will help one keep updated on the latest outbreaks, diversions, and the places where the covid clusters are negligible, all of this will determine the traveling choices this year. Plenty of airline companies have already ditched the paper boarding pass and mandated web check-in after the country reopened.

6. The shift in popular destinations will happen

Popular Destination – Live More Zone

One of the tourism trends that everyone should watch out for is a shift in popular destinations. Going forward, the tried and tested destinations with heavy footfall be last on the list. This will usher in a new era of experiential travel. More emphasis will be given to offbeat destination that is untouched by the masses. From camping to hiking and going on nature trails that are curated for a smaller group will also highlight trends in tourism. You can opt for glamping in the arid desserts or gaze at the night sky from your private homestay in Manali.

7. Environment conscious travel for the win

Environment Conscious Travel – Live More Zone

Before covid and the worldwide lockdown, numerous places like Tirthan valley, Leh Ladakh, and other popular destinations faced the brunt of human negligence. From littering to pollution, all pristine areas were slowly choked with garbage. The pause that the lockdown gave the world was a time of reflection, and how moving forward, we can create a positive impact when we are traveling. From choosing lesser-known destinations to carrying our water bottles and indulging in knowing the locals’ community and lifestyle, all of this would boost the revenue of these places and create a paradigm shift in how we travel. Again, this is a travel trend that will be the highlight in 2021.

Whether you go for longer staycations or opt for exploring the local haunts of your city, keep in mind the travel as mentioned above trends and your safety. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to all your travel woes, check out Travel Now by digibank. Right from researching to comparing prices of various hotels and airlines, Travel Now is at your disposal. Let us do all the research and planning so that you can travel light and enjoy your vacation. Check out the inaugural offers right here.



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