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A Complete Guide For An Amazing Trip To Mauritius


“Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius.” – Mark Twain.

Cerulean blue ocean, powdery white sand shimmering under the sun, and uber-luxe resorts that make for a perfect staycation  base, Mauritius is indeed a slice of paradise. If you find it hard to believe then visit this idyllic island destination in the Indian Ocean yourself to find out.

While the archipelago’s entire stretch is famous for its pristine beaches, a trip to Mauritius guarantees much more to the discerning traveller. From nature walks in the deep and dense forests to hiking in the mountains, there is plenty of adventure and most amazing places to visit in Mauritius. Add to this a chance at diving underwater to experience snorkelling and scuba diving while you acquaint yourself with marine life, and your Mauritius tour is almost complete.

The operative word here is almost because your trip to Mauritius cannot be complete without frequent excursions to colonial plantation houses, verdant botanical gardens and a vacation to the tiny islets that grant you all the tranquility you need in life.

This is just the tip of the iceberg because when planning the Mauritius tour, you have plenty of things to do and best places to visit in Mauritius. Take cues from this mini-guide and start mapping out your itinerary.

Places To Visit In Mauritius

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Wind in your hair, adrenaline coursing through your body and a penchant for unique and memorable experiences awaiting you in this island country! This is how you can sum up everything that will come your way once you embark on your trip to Mauritius.

1. Go off-beat with an exploration of South Island

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Start your expedition in Mauritius by exploring the South of the country. Home to one of the oldest shipbuilding factories here, this part is heavily accentuated with glimpses of Mauritius’s spiritual and ethnic side. The shipbuilding factory itself is steeped in culture, history, and heritage.

Up next, there is the village of Chamarel, famous for its kaleidoscopic Chamarel Colour Earths that is a blend of a myriad of colours coming together to sever a spectacular sight. It is a geological mystery, but tourists from the world stop here to soak in all the colours. On the outskirts of this trendy village lies the lesser-known attractions – Black River and the Plaine Champagne Park. Make sure you visit these two places on your way out of the town.

2. Get a glimpse of Hindu heritage and religion at Ganga Talao

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Known as the Grand Bassin, the lake is popularly called Ganga Talao due to the strong linkage one can find to the Indian holy river of Ganges (Ganga). This makes this a must-visit place in Mauritius for people of the Hindu faith of the country. Since 1898, people who practice Hinduism have been known to frequent the area as there are plenty of temples dedicated to Hindu gods and goddesses erected in the region. The highlight is the Mangal Mahadev temple which has the 33-feet tall structure of Lord Shiva erected at Ganga Talao.

The lake’s allure also lies in the fact that it is located deep inside the island, surrounded by dense, lush forest cover and majestic mountains, making it seem almost otherworldly. Soak in the splendour of the lake, immerse yourself in the Hindu heritage or go for long strolls around the lake, where several varieties of fishes thrive.

3. Get that suntan at Trou Aux Biches

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Or go snorkelling if adventure is more to your liking! One of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius is pretty high on the travellers who frequent the country. The three-kilometre-long stretch of clean and post-card worthy beach is perfect for a day of lazing around and working on your tan.

Despite being popular, it is not crowded during the week, and you can go for a dip in the turquoise blue waters of the ocean. Of course, there are plenty of water sports in Mauritius that you can try here. For instance, scuba diving, jet-skiing, parasailing, catamaran, deep-sea fishing, kayaking and snorkelling being the major highlights.

4. Spot turtles at Parc Francois Leguat

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Sprawled on an expansive 20 hectares of land, Parc Francois Leguat is another famous tourist attraction in Mauritius that should be on your list. Located on the island of Rodrigues, this park is home to rare species of flora and fauna. Visitors come here often to take long strolls and be amidst nature.

The highlight, however, is the breeding and care of large tortoises. With the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation taking the onus to ensure conservation and a haven for the tortoises, they have grown in large numbers and are worth a visit.

Moreover, a museum in the park tells the history of Rodrigues’ island, making this an excellent haunt for both history and wildlife buffs.

5. Rejuvenate yourself at the stunning Tamarin Falls

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Once you have taken a walk-in nature, it is time to stand under a waterfall and let the cold water refresh you. The perfect place to indulge in this activity is the Tamarin or Tamarind Waterfalls.

Consisting of seven cataracts or steps on the Tamarin River, the falls are also known as ‘7 Cascades’, a name more befitting the waterfall description. You can go canoeing in the pool formed at the bottom of the falls or try cliff-jumping if you are up for more adventure. Of course, there is the unmatched hiking experience in the forest surrounding the fall and bird-watching when you feel like indulging in something comfortable and laid-back. All in all, Tamarin Falls is perfect for recharging yourself.

6. Get informed about the history of oppression at Le Morne

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The colonial-era saw enslavement rampant among the masters. The maroons or the runaway slaves were known to have jumped from a height of 556 metres into a void that eventually killed them. This systemic oppression leaves charred yet unforgettable memories in the minds of the locals who revere this place like no other. If you want a reminder and primer on how deep oppression runs worldwide, don’t miss this place.

7.Shop to your heart’s content at Port Louis Central Market

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Located in the heart of the capital city of Port Louis, this place is perfect for all shopaholics. The Central Market is renowned for its exceptional herbs, and handicrafts found here in abundance with shops scattered and built-in proximity. Make sure you buy a souvenir or two to take home and polish your bargaining skills before you enter the market.

Stop at the food court and indulge in all the local delicacies of Mauritius at one place. You will be enthralled at the delicious and decadence of it all.

What is the best time to visit Mauritius?

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Blessed with a lovely tropical climate, Mauritius is a perfect beach destination year-round. However, when it comes to the best time to visit Mauritius, the months between May and December make for the ideal period. The weather is cool, dry and aptly sunny to one’s taste. Of course, the best time depends on the requirements and what one is looking to do in Mauritius. Take all of that into consideration before you plan your holidays here.

What all things should you keep in mind?

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Mauritius is a perfect haven and has little to no restrictions when it comes to travel. Pack as per the destination, carry lots of sunscreens and beware of shopping on your credit card. The latter can attract heavy interests. Shop duty-free instead.

Mauritius is relatively safe and a perfect place to enjoy a beach getaway. Plan your trip following Coronavirus, and you will have a memorable experience. For further planning and research, there is Travel Now by Digibank ; check out all the inaugural offers.



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