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An Ultimate Guide For Your Trip To Norway


If you have ever dreamed about watching those magnificent Northern lights from the warmth of a glass igloo hotel or trying dog-sledging in the snow, Norway should be on your bucket list. Complete with crystalline fjords and deep gorges that make it one of the most picturesque Nordic countries in Europe, a trip to Norwayis a no-brainer for someone who loves both adventure and serenity.

From glorious mountains to colourful photogenic cities flanked by the said mountains and an expanse of the frozen ocean, Norway is the perfect #winterwonderland fantasy for people who love snow, sunshine and world-class adventure. There is also the fact that in summers, you will be experiencing summer at midnight. Sounds poetic, right? It feels poetic and vibrant too.

Norway has been ranked as one of the best countries to live inconsistently for a few years now. Are you excited about your next Norway travel? Bookmark this travel guide for your next trip to Norway.

1. Alesund

Alesund  – Live More Zone

Almost every Norway tourism website is packed with images of those iconic and majestic fjords. The gateway to these fjords and the alpine mountains is the coastal city of Alesund. The entire town was reconstructed way back in 1904. The beautiful houses were built with stone and bricks that were essential elements of Jugendstil design – which is North Europe’s version of Art Nouveau. 

While you can explore the entire city on foot and dine in places where you want to (it has excellent seafood on offer), if art is your thing, make it a point to visit the Art Nouveau Center. Else, there is always a hike of 400 steps up to the top of Fjellstua. An excellent viewpoint to soak in the sheer brilliance is the city and the surrounding mountain peaks of Norway.

2. Tromso

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One of the largest cities in Northern Norway, Tromso is known for the surrounding peaks and fjords and its 18th-century wooden-style houses. The majority of the city’s cultural epicentre lies in the island of Tromsoya (which is part of the city itself). From exploring fine museums to going for a leisurely walk amidst beautiful birch trees, there are plenty of exciting things to do in Norway,specifically Tromso. You can also take a trip up to the Storsteinen mountains via cable car. The view of the alpine mountains and the surrounding fjords will be forever etched in your memory.

The two other museums that are popular attractions of this place are the arctic aquarium Polaria and the Polar Museum. Both of them are located 350 km from the Arctic Circle and should be on your list of places to visit in Norway. Of course, this can be done once you have spotted the Northern Lights, which can be viewed from this city. 

3. Lofoten Islands

 	Lofoten Islands – Live More Zone

Rugged mountains, pristine beaches, secluded bays, and tiny fishing villages are interspersed in Norway’s picturesque and surreal archipelago. Lofoten Islands takes the awe-inspiring beauty of Norway to a different level. It is connected to the mainland by bridges and tunnels.

However, the journey to the islets is not only surreal and picturesque but nothing short of spectacular. You can soak in the beauty of the fjords, explore the sleep fishing villages where you can not only relish in excellent seafood but find fishing cabins too. Don’t forget to visit the famous Viking museum and War Memorial museum while in the Lofoten Islands.

Of course, as Instagram’s many popular travel pages would suggest, Lofoten Islands is the perfect place to watch the Aurora Borealis. For the adventure enthusiasts, there are provisions for hiking, cycling and rock-climbing around the rugged terrains of the islands. Boat trips and whale watching excursions are also popular and must-try. 

4. Oslo

 Oslo – Live More Zone

Norway’s capital city is also rich in culture, history and heritage. Located at the end of the Oslofjord, Oslo is famous for its lakes and islands surrounding it. The city is also the significant economic and political hub of the country.

As you set about exploring the city, you will find a blend of contemporary and old wooden architecture, giving the town its distinct aura. Soak in the eclectic vibe of the city as you discover the thriving art and music scene. From exhibitions to music festivals, Oslo is packed with events. Of course, there are several museums and art galleries like Viking Ship Museum and Munch Museum. All of this should be on your Norway trip itinerary.

5. Bergen

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Have you also wanted to visit those places with plenty of colourful houses right by the sea? If yes, Bergen in Norway is just the place for you! The second-largest city in Norway is resplendent with the seven Mountains surrounding it. To complete this perfect picture, the town is flanked by several forests and fjords.

For as long as its existence, the city has been an important trading and seaport hub. You can know more about this side of the town at the spectacularly preserved Bryggen. There are merchants’ homes, bars, museums, and restaurants for a great stopover when visiting Norway. The city’s vibrant nightlife is simply unmissable. Soak in every part of its rich culture along with those stunning views of the mountains, fjords and waterfronts when you are in Bergen.

What is the best time to visit Norway?

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Now that you already have a few places on your itinerary, what is the best time to visit Norway? The best time to visit this Nordic destination is from June to August. The days are long, and the temperature pleasant enough for you to explore everything on foot and indulge in the many attractions and events being the summer month. Adventure junkies will also find time and opportunity to go hiking, cycling and trekking. However, being the popular time to visit, everything can get crowded, and flight and hotel fare can be expensive. Make sure you book everything in advance if this is the time you want to visit.

May and September are called the shoulder season, which is perfect for beating the crowd as you will find drizzling rain during May and the onset of Autumn in September. The temperature is still pleasant, and the crowds are far and few between, thus making these two months also a good time for your exploration.

The harshest season is winter, with trails and places closing up. This starts in October. The nights are long, with a few hours of sunlight in between. This season, however, is perfect for people who want to watch the Northern lights and go dog-sledging.

Things to keep in mind before travelling to Norway

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Once you have decided the season, you plan to visit Norway, and there are several things you should be aware of before boarding the plane. Norway is one of the safest countries, and most of the locals speak fluent English. Carrying extra layers of clothing is advisable. Wild camping is allowed in almost all of Norway, if not stated otherwise on that specific property. There are several campsites in the National Parks, making for an excellent stay for the budget backpackers.

Norway’s salmon is one of the best and highly recommended. Have at least one salmon meal while you are there. Last but not least, the Northern Lights are not visible everywhere and basing your entire trip on this natural occurrence can be disappointing. Hence make sure you plan your itinerary around other activities and places while leaving room for the aurora borealis if it does strike.

Norway is every bit beautiful, safe and stunning, as they say. And if you have been planning to visit this country, start preparing for your journey. Plan in advance for everything, right from the plane tickets to the hotel bookings and adventure sports. For all your travel-related query and recommendation, there is Travel Now by digibank. Check out the site to ensure smooth and hassle-free trip planning.



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