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Top 5 Wine festivals In India You Should Not Miss


If you live, breathe and drink wine  like your life depends on it or are a novice in the art of wine tasting, wine festivals should be on your list of things to do in a lifetime. From wine sampling to grape stomping and evenings spent roaming the vineyards where this excellent drink is grown and fermented, these are a slew of things that you can expect to experience on your wine  tours.

1. Sula Wine Festival, Nashik

Sula Wine Festival, Nashik  – Live More Zone

The most renowned wine fest in the country is the Sula Wine Festival. And it is the perfect weekend retreat for all the wine aficionados out there. From grape stomping to exclusive wine tasting tours and a chance to stay at resorts surrounded by vineyards, the Sula Wine Festival is the entire shebang when it comes to anything wine-related.

Take a tour, spend your evening lounging by the pool of your resorts, or simply sample the finest of the wines paired with around 30 variations of gourmet food from around the world. The USP of this festival also lies in a Farm-to-Fork endeavour wherein you get locally produced and organically grown ingredients for the food you eat. Once you have had your fill of wine, head to the Sula Bazaar that is very much part of the entire festival. Shop to your heart’s content and enjoy an evening filled with groovy music and dance thanks to the DJs that perform from the world over. Mark your calendar for this festival for February next year.

2. Bandra Wine Festival, Mumbai

Bandra Wine Festival  – Live More Zone

The finest of wine, great food and fantastic music are the key highlights of this lit wine fest held in the suburbs of Mumbai . If you cannot make Sula’s time, this festival happening in November has got you covered. A two-day long extravaganza, the Bandra Wine Festival is perfect for people looking for wine tours and fun competition, art and exhibitions, and an arena to chill. There is also music to keep you company after the sun sets down.

And if you are in Pune and don’t feel like coming down to Bandra for the wine festival, the Pune Wine Festival is a replica of it and organised by the same people. If you have attended one, you have participated in both!

3. Grape Escapade Wine Festival, Goa

 Grape Excapade Wine Festival – Live More Zone

Hosted and organised by the Goa Department of Tourism, the Great Escapade Wine Fest is another unique highlight of the city of beaches. When you are done lazing around in the sand and chilling out in the shacks, this festival is the perfect break from all of it. It is more relaxing and rejuvenating but with delectable wine and sumptuous food. Of course, there is the usual Grape Stomping competitions and wine tasting tours at this famed wine festival, but the local twist comes in Goan music being played throughout the fest. Foot-tapping beats, excellent wine, gourmet food and sunsets by the beach! Does it get better than this?

4. Great Grover Wine Festival, Bangalore

Great Grover Wine Festival  – Live More Zone

If you have lived in Bangalore and loved the wines from Grover Zampa Vineyards, India’s oldest and famous wine brand, this festival is simply unmissable for you. It is comparatively recent in front of the other festivals, but the Great Grover Wine Fest manages to shine and pack a punch.

Sample premium wines like Brut Rose and Soiree as you soak in the eclectic ambience of the festival. Participate in the various competitions like grape stomping or simply take a tour of the retreat and peruse through the exclusive and beautiful art collection presented here by various contemporary artists. The line-up of music includes everything from Sufi to Rock and Pop, among other types.

Once you are done with art, sculpture, wine and music, head to the flea market nearby and splurge on knick-knacks and souvenirs to take back home.

5. International Wine and Food Experience by Taj

 international Wine Festival– Live More Zone

Nothing speaks elegance and luxury like Taj, so if you want to experience a wine festival where you get to experience both, this one is hosted in Delhi. A two-day affair, this wine festival is where you will find 80-90 most premium of wine to relish. On the first day of the fest, your senses will be treated to a session of wine sampling by expert and renowned sommeliers in the industry. Up next, you will get a chance to go on a wine tour of the famous vineyards where the said wines come from – trust us, it does not get better.

And this is not it! The highlight of the entire festival is the masterclass hosted and taught by a notable panel of wine experts. Yep, if you are not just a wine connoisseur but someone who wants to learn all about it, this festival should be on your list. What’s more? All of this abundance comes to a close with a black-tie dinner on the festival’s last evening. Yes, when it comes to the Taj Group of Hotels, they take it to the next level and personify the definition of glam wine festivals.

Are you perked up for your next wine fest? Make sure you plan everything and book your tickets in advance. Of course, check all the rules and regulations instead of the pandemic’s second wave. And if you do plan on going, make a staycation out of it. With Travel Now by digibank , you have a portal that helps with all your needs.



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